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09 October 2008 @ 07:00 pm
It's October, and Halloween is fast approaching - why not combine this with acting for charity and appease the ghosts or restless children (or yourself) wanting a treat?

Do something for a good cause, and treat yourself to a tarot reading. ^^

I am offering:

- Ten-card Celtic Cross spread tarot reading
- Seven-card Spiral spread tarot reading

Delivery: I will work with you over e-mail or IM. I use the Fenestra Tarot deck and I will also specify what positions the cards come up in and the titles of all the cards, in addition to the general reading. If you have a particular concern/question, I will do a specific reading (i.e., trying to address the concern) as well.

Starting bids:

Ten-card Celtic Cross spread: Starting bid $10
Seven-card Spiral spread: Starting bid $10

Contact Information:

Contact either via comments below, via AIM at samayoutenshi, or email at rusciel [at] gmail dot com.
09 October 2008 @ 06:01 am
Offer: I will knit Jayne's hat, from Firefly. I'll finish it by December 1.

Starting bid: $20
09 October 2008 @ 03:08 am
Offer: I will create an original ambigram of a word (or few) of your choice. Some examples of my older ambigrams can be found here. I will work with you to make sure it is an appealing design, as my newer ambigrams are a bit "cleaner" in shape. I will draw it by hand, scan it, and send it to you via email or LJ. You may use it as a tattoo design (some friends have), or just as a piece of art but other than that please ask if you have any questions (for example, I'd rather not see it as a logo or t-shirt design, and especially not without permission). I reserve the right to share it as an example of my art. I can also snail-mail you a hand-drawn copy, if you'd rather. =) The design of the ambigram will be unique to yours and not repeated by me (even if someone has the same name or something).

Contact: via LJ (leave a comment on this post or my journal), mercatadventures AT gmail DOT com, or danusia_me AT yahoo DOT com; LJ comments are preferred because my mail seems to delete a lot of non-spam.

Delivery: I'm planning to work on them tomorrow evening and Friday... but I will definitely get them done in time for Christmas. =)

Buy it Now: a $10 donation-- I will take as many offers as you'd like to make! Everyone's a winner. ;)

Here is an example of my newer style. It's less chunky and more swirling, unless it's a) not possible, or b) not what you want. But I thought I'd post it for contrast to everything posted in my dA account.

sw ambigram new

If you'd like something more complicated than a few words or a simple design (say, maybe, you want matching borders or a whole sentence something), just leave me a comment and we'll figure it out!

P.S. To everyone who's waiting on theirs I apologize for the wait, but I am going to finish them tomorrow and Friday; I had some really bad stuff happen recently and this is the first real break I've gotten. =)
08 October 2008 @ 09:10 pm

Offer: My web design services

You can pick any or all of the following:
  • Up to five static pages that aren't overly-dynamic (text and pics are fine, galleries and contact forms are considered dynamic, but a small amount of javascript is okay) BIN: $30/5 pages, or $10/page

  • I can design a website archive for your fics or art with a template and instructions to update yourself. BIN: $75

  • Or create an LJ theme for you. BIN: $50 - note: I haven't done an LJ theme before, but I am working on my own, so if you choose this, you will help me learn as well! :D

  • Winning bidder must either have their own domain name and hosting space, bought and paid for, by themselves. I recommend using bluehost.com, OR I can host the site for 1-year, but the domain name must be bought and provided for by the winning bidder. I can then, after the year is up, assist in transferring the site to another location.

  • Wining bidder must have basic idea for look and feel of the site, but I will work with them to get them something they will like.

  • Donations can be made to Equality For All/No On Prop 8, Marriage Equality USA, or Equality California, buyer's choice.

  • You can see my design work at raveninteractive.net, aki-hoshi.com, and icyaurora.aki-hoshi.com

    CONTACT: raveninteractive[at]gmail[dot]com

    DELIVERY: Depending on the parameters chosen, within a month to two months.

    Minumum bid for five static pages: $20
    Minimum bid for art or fic archive: $50
    Minumum bid for LJ theme: $20
    Current Mood: determined
    08 October 2008 @ 08:34 pm
    Note: It occurs to me that the anti Prop 8 folks need cash sooner rather than later. I will close bidding this Friday, Oct.17th, midnight EDT

    Fandom: HP
    Media: pencil, charcoal,ink & PS, or oil on canvas*
    Delivered: in time for Winter Holidays

    Drawing 1: Digital monochrome, online delivery; minimum bid $15.00

    Drawing 2:
    Digital colour or analog drawing, pencil or charcoal on good paper; minimum bid $25.00

    Painting: Oil on Canvas 11 x 14 minimum bid $65.00*  Sold!
    (Oil painting may not be completed in time for holiday gift, except in the form of a gift certificate!)


    Go check out recent drawings, (some NWS) on my IJ summer art list.  and a digital drawing here (WS)

    Oil painting here and here.

    Current Mood: chipperchipper
    08 October 2008 @ 06:26 pm

    This is a great cause, and I'm sortof panicking, because although it's not my civil liberties and basic human rights being threatened, this is a time for everyone to stand together and fight for our loved ones and their loved ones, and I don't know that what I have to offer is enough. However, that doesn't mean I won't try my damnedest. I've gone through the tagslist on the right and simply copied everything I think I can offer.  Hopefully, something piques your interest.

    Icons.Collapse )
    Original Fiction.Collapse )
    Fanfiction.Collapse )
    Original Writing.Collapse )
    Original Poetry.Collapse )
    Drabbles.Collapse )
    Beta Services.Collapse )
    Editing Services.Collapse )
    LettersCollapse )


    Inspiration Notebook.Collapse )

    If you would like additional information or examples of my work, either comment or PM me and I'll get back to you.

    Every penny counts!

    Current Mood: determined
    08 October 2008 @ 04:10 pm
    ZANDRU'S FORGE, A FLAME IN HALI or THE ALTON GIFT, hardback first editions. Autographed (or inscribed to you, as you like) by me -- alas, Marion will autograph in spirit but not on paper. Sorry, I'm out of THE FALL OF NESKAYA.

    $25 each, no limit (list price is $24.95-25.95)

    Email me at deborahjross at sff dot net.
    Current Mood: determined
    08 October 2008 @ 04:58 pm
    Offer: I will translate 100 words or so from English to Ancient Greek (or vice versa), and/or from English to Latin (or vice versa). So it's 2 offers, really; one translation for Latin and one for Greek. I'm currently in my second year of an Ancient History Ph.D at Cardiff University, and have done 8 years of Ancient Greek and 4 years of Latin.

    Contact: beattiema (at) cardiff.ac.uk

    Delivery: Within a month of receiving your request

    Minimum Bid: $20 for each.
    07 October 2008 @ 10:54 pm
    offer: 10 (yes 10!) 100-500 word pieces of short fanfiction for five dollars each from the following fandoms. i do not write smutfic, but i will write any character or pairing from your fandom of choice.

    bids are cool--the more money we raise to fight this, the better!--but five dollars is the buy it now price per fic.

    available fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series (seasons 1-4), Transformers G1, Transformers 2007, Transformers Animated, Final Fantasy 4, Final Fantasy 7 (and sequels), Final Fantasy 8, Final Fantasy 9, Final Fantasy 10 (and sequels), Kingdom Hearts series, Fruits Basket (up to manga vol. 20 or anime 'verse)
    07 October 2008 @ 11:36 pm
    Offer: 1 small knitted project of some kind, be it socks, a scarf, or mittens/gloves. (Baby blankets as well, although they may take longer). You can find good patterns here: http://www.knitty.com/archive.html I will work with you on finding a pattern of your liking. Project will be done by very early december (depending on size, likely earlier).
    Buy it Now: $25
    07 October 2008 @ 08:41 pm
    Offer: I will be your Latin consultant -- I have an M.A. in Classics. It would be nice to put it to some use :)

    For one or more pieces of English-language fanfic/ original fic, I will create, adapt or find plausible, grammatically viable Latin for you to use for spells, potions, pillow talk, mottos, scientific-sounding terminology, nerdy references or just about anything else (max 100 words original or adapted Latin, and 500 words of Latin found for the situation).

    Don't be a victim of bad Latin grammar and word abuse!

    Contact: al.c.biades (at) gmail.com

    Delivery: Within a month of receiving your fic and/or your requests.

    Minimum Bid: $20
    07 October 2008 @ 11:56 pm
    Email from Equality California.

    Our worst nightmares are coming true.

    Today we learned of the massive $25.4 million our opponents have raised so far. They are using this war chest to broadcast lies: 24/7 and up and down the state of California.

    And the polls show the lies are working. We need your donation now.

    Yesterday’s CBS 51 poll shows that:
    “…likely California voters overall now favor passage of Proposition 8 by a five-point margin, 47 percent to 42 percent. Ironically, a CBS 5 poll eleven days prior found a five-point margin in favor of the measure's opponents.”

    People change their minds about Proposition 8 when they hear the lie that churches will lose their tax-free status if they won’t marry same-sex couples – EVEN THOUGH THIS IS NOT TRUE!

    So this is crunch time. With less than a month before the election, we must get on the air now to answer these lies and swing votes back to our side.

    And the ONLY way to do that it to raise more money. The generous $15.8 million that our supporters have given isn’t enough. Not when the other side has nearly $10 million more than we do and the fundraising gap is growing.

    So, how much will you sacrifice to protect your equality or the equality of people you love? It’s that simple. Will you give up something, anything, to ensure equality?

    I am. I’m donating 15% of my income to make sure that the No on Prop 8 campaign can answer these lies. It’s going to make my life more difficult to make a donation of this size — but I know I have to make this sacrifice to achieve victory on November 4.

    What are you willing to give up today so we can protect our community from this pack of televised lies: A night out? A vacation you had planned? A home improvement project?

    I ask you to do what you can. Donate to defeat Prop 8. Work the phone banks. And urge everyone you know to vote NO on Prop 8.

    Because if we are not willing to sacrifice, we will not win.

    In solidarity,

    Geoff Kors
    Executive Director
    Equality California

    Anyone for a last-gasp blast of fandom fundraising?

    I offer the following:

    a signed photograph of Christopher Judge as Teal'c in Stargate: SG-1, BIN for $50, minimum bid $15.

    Miscellaneous Stargate: Atlantis season 3 trading cards, $20 starting bid or BIN for $40.

    Stargate: Atlantis 'Rising' novelisation autographed by Rachel Luttrell (personalised to 'Katie', but that's a fairly common name!) - bids taken from $30 or BIN for $70.

    Fandom or non-fandom wallpapers and/or icons, any fandom, any character or pairing, $20 each (click here for examples).

    100-word drabbles, any fandoms I have previously written, $5 each or bidding.
    Current Location: Manchester, England
    01 October 2008 @ 11:10 am
    In case you all didn't find enough good things to bid on for marriage equality this summer, sex columnist Dan Savage offers more. From his most recent column:

    Well, dear readers, for two weeks—and two weeks only—you can get a guaranteed response from me. Just go to www.noonprop8.com, click "Donate Now," and do your part to help preserve marriage equality in California. On the left-hand side of the donation page, there's a spot where you can indicate that you're making your donation in someone's honor. Type in "Savage Love," put my e-mail address— mail@savagelove.net—in the space provided, and then send me your question in another e-mail along with the e-mail confirmation that No on Prop. 8 sent you after your donation cleared. The six biggest Savage Love donors get their letters in the October 16 and 23 installments of Savage Love. Everyone who makes a donation of $25 or more by October 16 gets a personal reply to their question from yours truly. The cutoff dates for donations that qualify for a letter in the column are October 9 for the October 16 column and October 16 for the October 23 column.
    30 September 2008 @ 03:16 pm
    If you folks haven't sent out a press release, I really think it would be good to send one to the Advocate website. This link goes to a page that has (below the news item) a long list of related articles, and one of the headlines is about a gay-rights group in Massachusetts raising $35K.

    Well, that's wonderful... but $50K is half the sum given by Brad Pitt and Steven Spielberg, and while I give all kudos to those gentemen, none of us are millionaires....

    15 September 2008 @ 12:51 am
    Since George Takei and his partner Brad Altman were, in a way, part of the campaign (in that we had icons of them and supported this whole endeavor in order "Not to make Sulu cry"), I thought I would pass on the news, discovered in my insomnia, that they officially married today. Huzzah for them!

    (Also, I love that Walter Koenig and Nichelle Nichols served as Best Man and Best Lady. :D )
    30 August 2008 @ 07:04 pm
    You all are the most generous, creative community!

    The rainbow afghan project rainbowafghan is coming together, a jubilant expression of love, color, texture, inventiveness, and diversity!

    I've taken a few pictures of some sample squares, the crocheted-together squares and the gorgeous entwined-trees-of-life centerpiece from tricksterquinn

    Here's the link: http://picasaweb.google.com/deborahjross/Livelongnmarry

    Blessings to all,
    Current Mood: inspired
    18 August 2008 @ 08:00 am
    I'm about to begin assembling the rainbow afghans, beginning with the acrylic one. If you agreed to contribute one or more squares and have not sent them to me, please do so now. For my snail addy, email me at deborahjross at sff dot net.

    Many blessings,
    Current Mood: creative
    11 August 2008 @ 07:26 pm

    That's right,

    More than fifty thousand dollars has been raised for gay rights and marriage equity from you, yes you, and your friends, and all the people who posted and pimped and offered services and threw cash to the cause! THANK YOU!

    I love everybody. Especially YOU GUYS. Cause you guys? ARE FULL OF WIN.
    10 August 2008 @ 09:42 pm
    I was ready to make a grand total post but then realized what the grand subtotal is:


    WE'RE ALMOST THERE. Has everyone paid up? Everyone done their Last Chance Saloon deals? Less than forty dollars will get us past $50K! Holy cow!
    01 August 2008 @ 03:49 pm
    OFFER: This is an open offer for as many people that want it. NO LIMIT TO THE NUMBER OF BUYERS!

    From this offer of mine, I'm offering scans of 5 pages picked at random from my cookbooks. This means you'll get at least 5 recipes, depending on how many are on a page. Pages will be a mix of handwritten recipes and cut-outs from various places.

    Want more than just 5 pages? Not a problem, I'll do any multiple of 5 that you want.

    Scans will be emailed out as a PDF unless otherwise specified.

    CONTACT: Either reply here, lj message, or email- carawenj @ yahoo.com

    DELIVERY: I'll start scanning Monday, August 4th, and continue on as long as people are still interested.

    BUY-IT-NOW: $5 for 5 pages.
    31 July 2008 @ 11:42 pm
    According to this article from today's San Jose Mercury News, supporters of gay marriage have raised $1.6 million dollars to fight Proposition 8 since May 15.

    Granted, I know that not all the money from this fundraiser has gone into specifically anti-Prop 8 organizations -- some, for instance, has gone to Lambda Legal or places like that --

    but if about $45,000 of our money went to fight Proposition 8, we produced nearly 3 % of that $1.6 million. We fans and our small donations are 3% of what's keeping gay marriage alive in California. That's a significant number, folks.
    31 July 2008 @ 10:41 pm
    Offer: I will write ten* ficlets in the Harry Potter fandom. Each ficlet will be no less than 500 words, with an upper limit of 1500 words.

    ETA: No ficlets remaining!!

    Contact: eeyore9990 AT yahoo DOT com

    Delivery: I will make arrangements with each winning bidder (max of ten winning bids) as to delivery times. First come, first served.

    Minimum bid: $10 per ficlet

    Buy It Now: $25 per ficlet

    *These ficlets may be purchased by one individual or many. Again, first come, first served.

    If I've completely screwed this up, mods please let me know!
    31 July 2008 @ 07:44 am
    Current total is $47,811

    HELP US MAKE $50K!

    Remember to post here when you've paid for your auctions.

    ALSO: Feel free to wheel and deal in this post!

    Do you have something that didn't get any bids? Offer it again here, with a Buy It Now price!

    Did your only bid fall through? Do you want to offer another popular item? Same deal, put a Buy It Now price and see who bites!
    If you haven't paid up and put a total in this post yet, please do! We're getting close to the final total and for maximum squee, we want things to be as accurate as possible!

    Don't be ashamed if you paid up late-- I just did this weekend.

    Our current total is

    and still growing!

    WOW! Thanks, everyone.
    20 July 2008 @ 08:17 pm

    And counting!
    19 July 2008 @ 11:03 am
    I'm just curious. It probably says around here somewhere, but I can't find it.

    Did anyone let any of the three listed organizations know what we were up to, and that they should expect some donations headed their way? I'm just curious what they thought about the sudden influx of donations, especially since it appears it was so large. Also, I thought they would find the community's efforts heartening and solid evidence of the support this whole movement has worldwide.

    Just checkin'. :D
    I'm seeing a number of instances where sad "losers" have been offered a matching win by the donor, if they are willing to match the winning bid!

    In other cases, an author who did not originally list two offers has agreed to write a second story at a winning bidder's request!

    These situations DOUBLE the donation, so I'm suggesting others might consider the idea.

    This would mean MORE WONDERFUL FANFICTION for us all to read, plus more donations to keep Mr Sulu and all of us happy!

    I'm just sayin'... because every little bit helps, and fandom ROCKS!
    I got this in my inbox yesterday and got permission to share it today:

    I want you to know that I told Brad and George about this group and what you were doing.

    They wanted me to tell you that they are touched and appreciate the support.

    Kathleen David

    I don't know about you kids, but I CAN DIE HAPPY NOW.
    15 July 2008 @ 06:03 pm
    Current donations are now past $10,000 $30,000!!! and will continue climbing, as many people have not yet had a chance to donate. (I haven't only now have, though I am the proud winner of the Kazuya Minekura art book Backgammon and a Gundam Wing story by rushthatspeaks.) As several people have generously offered to duplicate their offer if losing bidders are willing to match the winning bid, God only knows how high the final totals will go.

    Thank you to everyone who participated, bid, offered, and spread the word, and especially to lady_ganesh and telophase, who ended up doing most of the heavy lifting due to my prolonged absences due to my intense workload and, rather appropriately albeit heterosexually, new boyfriend.

    This auction went beyond my wildest dreams. It was joyous, crazily inventive (legal critiques! hand-lathed dildos! Bavarian care packages! a soul!), and an expression of a whole lot of people's commitment to equality, justice, compassion, and love.

    The glee which you all brought to such a serious and important cause reminded me of the American activist Emma Goldman's quote, "I want freedom, the right to self-expression, everybody's right to beautiful, radiant things," and the popular paraphrase of her ideals, "If I can't dance, I don't want to be in your revolution."

    Let's all keep working, keep fighting, and keep dancing.
    15 July 2008 @ 09:35 am
    Hello and welcome to your brag post, which is open in order to post pictures of or links to the fruits of your auction, if you'd like to share instead of hugging it closely to your chest and squeeing madly in private. Or to give public thanks to anyone, that sort of thing. Even if it takes a while to get your swag, this post will still be here. :D

    If you'd like to brag on something rated NC-17 or that could be termed squicky for a reasonable amount of people, a link with appropriate warnings would be appreciated.

    THANK ALL OF YOU for your generosity and enthusiasm even if we did kill LJ twice! We'll be back in touch with more totals once we have them.
    15 July 2008 @ 01:51 am

    Offer: I will draw 1-2 fanart (scenes) for your fanfic or characters and pairing you choose.

    Medias could choose form: Watercolours - sample #1, sample #2. Ball point pens - sample #1, sample #2 (single colour or multi-colours - sometime more.) on paper, size are around 8 1/2 in x 11 in to 10 in x 14 inch for you to choose.

    Fandom: Harry Potter only.

    Pairing/Characters: I mostly draw Snape/Harry (Slash or Het if one of them become female). Also willing to draw Hermione, Lily, Remus, Luicus, Draco or others if you are interest in.

    Extra(add $1 for each):  I like to draw animals, doesn't matter if they are magical or not, so feel free to ask for them.

    Rating: It is depend on what you want and which scenes you choose, most of my fanarts are very tame (G to PG), but I am willing to do up to rate R.

    You will receive high-res scanned files of finished artwork when I finished them, I will also mail the finished fanart to you. There might not have any line art or rough drawings, because I work on paper directly. (I could scanned each steps for you if you want to know how it made).  I will reserve the right to post the finished pieces at my journal, where they will be marked as commissions.

    If you have any questions, feel s free to contact me: sealcat AT gmail dot com or leave message here.

    Delivery: All fanarts will be finished and mail to you before December.

    Minimum bid: $15
    14 July 2008 @ 10:12 pm
    I'm very late, but...

    My LJ name is no accident, I make jewelryCollapse )

    This necklace is made from Smokey Quartz, Carnelian and Jade. It has a retail value of $85. My email is in my user information. I will ship within 1 week of receiving confirmation of donation. It needs to go UPS/FedX, because USPS is irradiating all packages, and that could affect the color of the stones. That means, no P.O. boxes. Min Bid: $60
    Buy it now: $175

    No bids yet!
    14 July 2008 @ 09:51 pm
    Offer #1 - Help With an Academic Paper on Any Topic - Not proofreading, not subject expertise, just a very attentive reader and a probing conversation

    I've spent three years with the Barnard College Writing Fellows Program, and our philosophy is that every writer could use a reader. I will read any kind of paper -- I've read econ, sociology, and dance papers this year, in addition to the regular slew of English essays -- and write you comments and questions about your logic, flow, use of evidence, and other vital elements. I'll then send you the comments and we can talk over the phone or video-chat about where you want to go next with the paper. Redeemable at any time during the 08-09 school year, with a bit of notice appreciated. NOTE: This is best done four or five days before the paper is due, so procrastinating -- like me posting this! -- is not the best with this offer.

    Starting bid: $10 (5-7 pages; more $, more pages!)

    Offer #2 - Irish Language Lessons - An dtuigeann tu Gaeilge? No?! Well, here's your chance to learn Gaelic/Gaeilge/Irish

    Disclosure: I am not fluent in Irish, nor am I actually Irish, but I did spend six months there and really dove into the language in school and culture in the pubs. In a few hours of video-chat or phone conversation, along with voice recordings and written materials, I can have you ag caint about the weather, your family, and your feelings, as well as having a pretty good idea of basic Irish grammar and spelling, ie, which letters to leave out when you pronounce some of those crazy words! Awesome for language geeks -- the structure is so much fun -- and for fantasy fans, rennies, and the Irish -- and everyone is Irish at heart. ;-P

    Starting bid: $15
    BIN: $60

    (This community is amazing!)
    14 July 2008 @ 06:32 pm
    The first squares arrived today, very very soft yummy earth tones from a crocheter in Wisconsin. But no note as to fiber, and I don't want to burn or immerse in bleach to make sure. Please, if they're yours, could you post or email me fiber (and do you want to be identified, if the photos work that way?)
    Current Mood: excitedexcited
    14 July 2008 @ 07:56 pm
    All right, there continues to be an interest so~ I'll offer two, right at the BIN!

    This is a long, involved (also old) list of fandoms and such I'm familiar and comfortable with... http://community.livejournal.com/enchanting_muse/19293.html
    http://community.livejournal.com/enchanting_muse/48550.html  is a more straight-forward list. Overall I'm long over anime (although still familiar with some series), only read manga (and not too often), play video games when I can, but am most familiar and involved with fandoms of tv and movie nature. =) Given that you mostly want prompts and ramblings and not actual fic, I can stretch out a bit. =)

    I'm not sure I've listed some shows/films so... Resident Evil (films), Silent Hill (film), The Closer *hearts*, Psych, Eureka (through first few eps of s2), Simon & Simon, M*A*S*H*, Friends, Tamora Pierce's Song of the Lioness books, Red Dragon (book and movie)... Um, I haven't gotten beyond book five of Harry Potter (though I know the major spoilers of book 6). I myself write slash and gen most often but have dabbled with femslash and done a good bit of het. I've played with a variety of genres... something of an angst fiend, certainly drama, but like to kick in the fluff. Even when writing romance, I like the addition of supporting characters. =) I certainly can have crack!fic and comedic ideas, just can't seem to write it on demand. ^_~ Lately I'm addicted to mysteries.

    Offer One: Regular schoolbook spiral notebook. I'll decorate the cover with pictures and/or quotes (lyrics). Inside will be prompts, possibly character dialogue snippets. I can do some doodles. Prompts can be detailed or general... for fanfic or poetry or original... Inspirational quotes and lyrics always fun. =)

    Delivery: Sent by September 30.

    Buy it! $10 Sold

    Offer Two: A regular sized, much thicker journal. Some of the early pages will be missing (cut out) because of previously being started by me. ;;^^ But I assure that it'll look fine and the journal will still have a ton of pages. I'll decorate the cover with pictures and/or quotes (lyrics). Inside will be prompts, possibly character dialogue snippets. I can do some doodles. Prompts can be detailed or general... for fanfic or poetry or original... Inspirational quotes and lyrics always fun. =)

    Delivery: Sent by September 30.

    Buy it! $18 Sold

    : LJ (here, private message) or claritycw at gmail  (We'll work out full details then.)
    Current Mood: crazycrazy
    14 July 2008 @ 06:23 pm
    Since I saw there was a want for these, I'll try my best to make one for someone who wants one.

    I will go and purchase one neat looking journal or scrapbook and fill it up with inspiration. You can even specify to some degree what sort of journal you want me to get since I'll be buying it specifically for this. I'll be happy to include art also and I may even include a few other bonuses depending on the fandom (for instance, might color some art that goes with it just for you)

    I'm also one who is very hard to offend, if you want prompts including sexual content, I'll include them to the best of my ability. I'm also willing to come up with stuff for rarer pairings, alternate universe settings, really about anything you could want from me.

    I admit, I'm a bit unsure if I could do fandom specific prompts outside of the main fandom I write (Tales of the Abyss), but I will definitely try my best to give you something good even if I have to go learn it all over again.

    For a list of fandoms I have some knowledge of check my other auction for a fanfic

    If you don't see something you are dying for, feel free to ask. There may be ones I've forgotten I knew about.

    I'm also happy to do general prompts that could work for anything. Whatever you want, I'll do my best to deliver.

    Deliver: Hopefully no later than October 1st via USPS mail.

    Contact: LJ message preferred

    Minimum bid: $5 (Current $20 as of 10:22 AM PST)

    Not going to do a buy it now since this is so last minute and I want to give people a chance to get in on this. And it's for a good cause, right?
    14 July 2008 @ 06:09 pm
    Offer A: One watercolour painting or one pencil crayon sketch (approximately 8x10") in any of the following fandoms: Harry Potter, Prince of Tennis, Loveless, Kyou Kara Maou, Death Note, Firefly/Serenity. ETA, since I was asked: Junjou Romantica is okay. If there is another fandom you'd like, please ask. Any pairing, any rating, gen, het, slash, femme. No explicit chan please.

    Sample Watercolour
    Sample Watercolour
    Sample Pencil Crayon
    Sample Pencil Crayon

    Contact: nimmery at gmail dot com

    Delivery: October-ish. Hi-res (300dpi) scan suitable for printing, plus lo-res version for posting and bonus 100x100 px icon of artwork. If bidding goes over $50, I will also ship you the original.

    Minimum Bid: $20

    Offer B: One fic (approximately 1000-5000 words, possibly longer) in any of the following fandoms: Harry Potter (Harry/Snape for certain -- others please ask), Prince of Tennis (Seigaku or Hyotei), Loveless, Kyou Kara Maou, Death Note, Firefly/Serenity.

    Fic will be plotty, any rating, any genre, slash preferred. I'm best at humour and darkfic (sometimes at the same time). Please provide a list of squicks and a prompt or list of requests (I will try to follow this as closely as I can but I make no guarantees).

    Contact: nimmery at gmail dot com

    Delivery: November-ish.

    Minimum Bid: $20
    Because the other auctions went so well, and because I am clearly INSANE, here's my fifth auction, for my 6th & 7th offered plushes. #3, delivery by or before Aug 26th, is still open for bidding here. If you're not in a rush, however, try these.

    Offer: For the top two bidders of this auction, or for two BIN prices,
    I will sew a fantastical/make-believe-creature plushie. Upon winning, you will design the plush in terms of fabric texture, size (no greater than 10" across), colors, and aspect (do you want it to have arms? Do you want it to be snakelike? Must it sparkle?) I will take your specifications and make up an entirely new, never-before imagined species of cuddly goodness, just for you (or your loved one)! If the toy is intended for a child, let me know after winning the bid and I will construct it with safety in mind. :D

    Contact: rednightengale at gmail dot com. If you choose to BIN, please email me with some ideas ASAP, so I can consolidate my shopping trips!

    Delivery: I'll put it in the mail within twelve weeks (by the first of October) of the auction's end. If you live in the Pittsburgh area, I'll meet you for tea and give it to you in person! ♥

    Minimum bid: $20 EACH

    Buy It Now price: $40 EACH

    Edit: Only one remaining!