Barb (yarnaddict) wrote in livelongnmarry,

Offered: hand-made, beaded stitch markers

Offer: I will make a set of beaded stitch markers, with either four or five markers, in your choice of bead and accent colours. Markers can be beads-only (five to a set), or with dangling charms (four to a set); base pins and jump rings can be silver or gold. I can't guarantee a particular type of bead, but I have quite a wide selection and I'm more than willing to work with you to come up with something that you'll love. If you're in the Sacramento, California area, I'm happy to get together with you in person so you can choose your beads and findings from my stash.

I can make markers to fit up to size 10mm knitting needles (that's US size 15 needles), and I will include at least two sizes of jump rings so you can have smaller rings for working on smaller needles. Each set can, if you wish, include one marker which is different from the others, to serve as a beginning-of-row marker.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of my own creations online, and I'm hesitant to link to anyone else's original stitch markers because... well, because they're not mine. If you look through eBay or etsy, however, you'll find many examples of the lovely stitch markers created by others in the knitting world.


Delivery: I will complete and mail your set of stitch markers by October 1, 2008 - most likely sooner, but my wife (yay Canada!) and I are getting married in California in August, so... =)

Minimum bid: $10.00

Buy It Now: $30.00

Extra: I will accept "Buy It Now" purchases from up to ten people.
Tags: offered: misc items, seller: yarnaddict

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