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Offered: Candles

Four winning bidders will each receive two hand-carved pillar candles, similar to these:

(click through for more photos, including closeups of artwork)

They are approximately four inches tall and two inches in diameter. You choose the color and carvings, but both of your candles must be the same color. The color saturation and variation in the picture is typical; please do not ask for specific Pantone numbers :-) Also, we regret we cannot do white candles.

We have done leaves, flowers, entire trees, small animals, runes, ogham, Celtic knotwork, and mandala-type patterns in the past. If you'd like something else, please ask, we can probably work it out.

They will be made of paraffin wax and unscented. zwol does the candlemaking and shweta_narayan does the carvings.

Minimum bid: $25.

Contact: please use the email address in zwol's LJ userinfo. I get a ton of email, so please put "candles" in the subject line.

Delivery: candles will be shipped as soon as possible but in no event later than September 1.
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