anarchicq (anarchicq) wrote in livelongnmarry,

Offered: Cameo in fantasy webcomic!

Offer: I write a web comic, and the artist of the comic and I have agreed to offer to draw a minor character (The bar wench or tender) in the likeness of the winning bidder! This character is set to be in about five or six panels, and has the role of gossiping, and introducing another main character.

Note: We will require a photo reference of the winning bidder. Also, you can be human, elven, or any other fantasy race (Save for Orc)

Contact: is the comic. elvenlacryment @

Delivery: The pages will probably be online around October, no later then that.

Minimum bid: $5.

Buy It Now: $50.
Tags: offered: appearance in webcomic, seller: anarchicq

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