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Offered: Fanfic or original fic

Offer: I will write fanfic of no less than 1000 words in the following fandoms: Pretender, Weiss Kreuz, Ranma ½, Bujold's Vorkosigan universe, Nightwalker, Clover, Legal Drug, Haibane Renmei, Princess Tutu, Scrapped Princess, The Secret Garden, The Lost Prince, Back to the Future, Sky High, Rurouni Kenshin, Slayers, Trigun (anime only), Fushigi Yugi (anime only), Mars, Kodocha, Ouran (leaning toward anime since I have access to that). I am also probably willing to write in any fandom I'm familiar with, but email me first if you want to make a special request.

I'm willing to write original fic or crossovers and would also be willing to write a new chapter for one of my works in progress if the winning bidder prefers that to a new story.

(I'm not trying to list all of the fandoms I could write and would be willing to write. I can't think of them off the top of my head, and the tags list is already unwieldy. Do ask. Really.)

I will write gen, het, m/m or f/f slash, and poly fics, but I have very little experience writing f/f, so I may not be ready to write anything explicit there. I will write dark fics, rape fics, BDSM and so on. I won't write underage sex, bestiality, necrophilia, incest, teacher/student (or other trust relationships with power imbalance), scat or watersports. I can't write RPF or explicit fics based on live action canons (The Pretender, Back to the Future, Sky High). There are probably other kinks that I won't or can't write. Ask me if you're wondering.

For Weiss Kreuz, I'm not willing to write anything centered on Farfarello. I'm not sufficiently comfortable with the character to undertake it.

I'm not particularly good at fluff or humor or extremely shippy fics. I'm willing to try if asked, but it's not my forte. I'm also weak on PWPs. They tend to sprout plots.

To see my previous work, check my website. I reserve the right to post the fic I write on my website, but I am open to waiting a while before doing so if you prefer.

Contact: My email is in my user info.

Delivery: I will have your story written by November 1.

Minimum bid: $5.
Tags: anime or manga: clover, anime or manga: fushigi yugi, anime or manga: haibane renmei, anime or manga: kodocha, anime or manga: legal drug, anime or manga: mars, anime or manga: nightwalker, anime or manga: ouran host club, anime or manga: princess tutu, anime or manga: ranma 1/2, anime or manga: rurouni kenshin, anime or manga: scrapped princess, anime or manga: slayers, anime or manga: trigun, anime or manga: weiss kreuz, book: the lost prince, book: the secret garden, book: vorkosigan, movie: back to the future, movie: sky high, offered: fanfic, seller: therck, tv: pretender

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