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04 February 2009 @ 01:50 pm
I DO will be ON THE AIR!  
Alex Beecroft and the contributors to I DO were invited to participate in The Jester Show on TalkShoe internet radio. And, heaven help us all, as many contributors who can get to a phone or log in will be there to rally for equality and take listener questions. I'm hunting for my headset now... I just hope Teh Intarweb cooperates.

Here's a link to the show page: http://www.talkshoe .com/tc/20116

It's pretty easy to get in to the show... if you don't want to participate in the chat room during the show you simply call in to the talkshoe line and enter the call id. You can use any telephone or skype. Phone Number: (724) 444-7444

If you want to participate in the chat room, just go to the show page and register for an account on TalkShoe. Then when the show starts you simply need to click on the LIVE NOW button and it will load the room. You can listen directly through your computer speakers, or you can simply listen via phone.

Alternatively, you can download the TalkShoe software and connect to the show with it, and it doesn't require the use of a phone at all. There is a link to the instructions on the show page.

The show starts at 10PM Eastern/7PM Pacific. See you there, I hope!
Current Mood: anxiousexcited and a wee bit nervous