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Offered: Fanfic/Original Fiction

Offer: I'll write you fanfic for Batman [comics/Nolanverse], and bandom [FBR]; or I'll write you original fiction in any genre.  I am comfortable writing pretty much any subject, genre, or rating, so don't be shy, request whatever you want.  Length-wise, I can go anywhere up to around 10,000 words.  [I'm sorry it can't be longer, but because of NaNo and me generally not writing long things, I don't want to promise what I can't guarantee I'll be able to deliver.]  If you have any odd pairings or potential squicks in mind, please just run it by me- chances are, I'll be fine with it, but better safe than sorry.

Batman: Specifically, I'd like to write Bruce/Lex [Smallville version].

Bandslash: FOB and PATD.   Bandom pairings I'm experienced with are Jon/Spencer, Pete/Patrick, and Greta/anyone. 

Original Fiction: I tend to write YA and Magical Realism most often.

Contact: metallickangaroo at gmail dot com

Delivery: I will have your story written by mid-December, given that no unforeseen issues come up.

Minimum bid: $5

Buy it Now: $30
Tags: book: harry potter, comic: dc, movie: batman begins, offered: fanfic, offered: original fiction, rps: bandom, rps: fall out boy, rps: panic at the disco, tv: teen titans

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