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09 October 2008 @ 08:33 pm
OFFER: Creative consultation!  
Ever try to set up a tabletop gaming setting, or a fanfic, and realize that you need gods or goddesses? Or need to figure out which days might be sacred holidays, or need to figure out a ritual that sounds plausible? Or symbols/amulets?

Take some time for a consultation, especially as NaNo's coming up!

I am offering:

Mythological assistance (with regard to fanfic, original fiction, tabletop gaming situations, webcomics) in terms of creating and elaborating on a mythological system. I will work with what you need this to do, or affect the plot (does the society use a lunar calendar? What virtues are important to them? etc), and assist based on your input.

To be clear, this is for entertainment purposes only.

If you want me to design a ritual for your own personal use, that's another story and it'd be best solved by contacting me directly. (If there is encouragment/desire for this, I might post another auction.)


I'm a religious studies student and have studied various movements of Judaism, paganism, Christianity, Shintoism, Buddhist movements, and Daoism. I also have a keen interest in folklore, aromatherapy, and divination, and have done spiritual counseling. I have also been part of a creative writing community for about seven years now, and incorporate some of what I know into my writings (roleplay and fiction).

Starting Bids:

For a ritual/symbolism/holiday creation, including description of how everything relates together: $20

For mythos creation: $30


You can contact me via comments to this post, through AIM via samayoutenshi, or via email at rusciel at gmail dot com.