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Offer #1 - Help With an Academic Paper on Any Topic - Not proofreading, not subject expertise, just a very attentive reader and a probing conversation

I've spent three years with the Barnard College Writing Fellows Program, and our philosophy is that every writer could use a reader. I will read any kind of paper -- I've read econ, sociology, and dance papers this year, in addition to the regular slew of English essays -- and write you comments and questions about your logic, flow, use of evidence, and other vital elements. I'll then send you the comments and we can talk over the phone or video-chat about where you want to go next with the paper. Redeemable at any time during the 08-09 school year, with a bit of notice appreciated. NOTE: This is best done four or five days before the paper is due, so procrastinating -- like me posting this! -- is not the best with this offer.

Starting bid: $10 (5-7 pages; more $, more pages!)

Offer #2 - Irish Language Lessons - An dtuigeann tu Gaeilge? No?! Well, here's your chance to learn Gaelic/Gaeilge/Irish

Disclosure: I am not fluent in Irish, nor am I actually Irish, but I did spend six months there and really dove into the language in school and culture in the pubs. In a few hours of video-chat or phone conversation, along with voice recordings and written materials, I can have you ag caint about the weather, your family, and your feelings, as well as having a pretty good idea of basic Irish grammar and spelling, ie, which letters to leave out when you pronounce some of those crazy words! Awesome for language geeks -- the structure is so much fun -- and for fantasy fans, rennies, and the Irish -- and everyone is Irish at heart. ;-P

Starting bid: $15
BIN: $60

(This community is amazing!)
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