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Offered: Volunteer work

Offer: I currently serve as Vice Chair for the Danish LGBT organisation. (It's name is "Landsforening for Bøsser og Lesbiske", aka LBL, and it's the second oldest LGBT org. in the world. We celebrate our 60th anniversary this year. More info at

What I offer is that I will run for a second term (terms are for 1 year) + I will volunteer to train as a coordinator for World Outgames in 2009 (which is taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark - more info at

There is the drawback that I cannot guarantee I will be elected again for a second term, but usually we are short of people for the board, so I'd say I have 90% chance. If I do not get elected, I will instead donate part of the value of the final bid myself.

So you have an idea of what exactly I am offering, I should let you know that currently I use about 1/3 or my working/waking hours on LBL alone. This is without World Outgames commitment. (The other 2/3 are University and work that actually pays.)

In addition I will attempt to get a t-shirt for World Outgames for the winner of the bid, if the bidding goes about $150. Those t-shirts are not currently on sale, so I will both have to pull strings and pay for it :-)

Contact: kabal42 at gmail dot com

Delivery: LBL's assembly general is in November where I will run again. World Outgames plan their volunteer coordinator sign-up to be in September, pending a final date. I will let the winner know when each step is taken and provide some kind of proof if I in any way can.

Minimum bid: $50

Buy It Now: $150
Tags: offered: misc services

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