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Offered: Custom Rubber Stamp

This is the same as my offer here. I'll carve the one from the first listing first, so the only difference is that this one will take a little longer to get to you.

I will hand carve you a rubber stamp of your choosing. Would you like to make stationary with your favorite anime character? Do you want to stamp your own picture on all your letters? Do you feel the need to send all your friends Snape-in-a-Santa-hat Christmas cards?

Samples of my work: (all of these are between two and four inches)
Gir Death from Sandman Nick Cave David Bowie

I've also carved the Blue Sun logo and the Dharma Initiative logo, which were both royal pains, but I'll do them again for charity. Let me know if you want to see more samples of my work, and I can email them to you.

The details:
I will carve any fandom or rating, as long as there are reference materials available. The stamp can measure up to 4 inches in either direction.

Anime, comic book, or cartoon characters translate well to stamps. Stamps from photos or screencaps are more difficult, because it's hard to simplify a photo to only black without making it unrecognizable. If you want something based on a photo or screencap, I'll work with you to find an image that will work well. I'll work my Photoshop magic to convert the picture into something carvable, and I'll make sure you like the simplified picture before I start carving.

I'd prefer not to make anything with a lot of writing, which I find very difficult to carve. I'll do a word or two, but not poems or anything long.

I'll mail the stamp unmounted to save on shipping (because I have more time than money at the moment). I'll send you mounting instructions - it's really easy.

Contact: llamachameleon [at] gmail [dot] com, or post here

Delivery: Within two months and a half of deciding on a picture. (Probably sooner, but if it's particularly tricky it might take a few tries to get right.) If you need it by a certain date, let me know.

Minimum bid: $40

Current High Bid: $50 as of 7/13 at 11:30am
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