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Offer: Personalized Fanfic Rec set

Offer: I will make you a personalized rec set of at least 20 recs (more with higher bids) based on your specifications. These will be detailed recs, including author summaries when available. I'll also include links to lj communities, vids, fandom primers, fic lists, and lj icon posts that compliment your personalized rec set.

This would be especially neat for those just now getting interested into older fandoms like BtVS, the X-Files, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Highlander, or the Sentinel, and who don't know where to get started.

Into bandom and want to see for yourself what all the fuss over n*sync was all about, but most of the links you come across are broken? Newly discovered fic kink? Or maybe you just want a set of novel-long fic to read over the summer, and you don't want to spend your time searching when you could be reading!

You can have a rec set based on a fandom, a pairing, a kink, or genre (x-overs, angst, pwp, au's, romance, etc.) You can choose to have your rec set based on 1 large fandom, 2 mid-sized fandoms, or 3 or 4 tiny ones. Or, if you wanted it to be more genre or kink based rec set, I could include multiple fandoms if you preferred. You tell me what you do and don't like, and we'll go from there!

TV: Alias, Angel, Big Wolf on Campus, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Highlander, The O.C., Once a Thief, Psych, The Sentinel, Smallville, Stargate: Atlantis, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Star Trek: Voyager, Supernatural, Terminator: TSCC, Veronica Mars, X-Files.

Media: Popslash (N*Sync ), Bandom, CWrps, J2

Movies/Books/Manga: From Eroica With Love, Harry Potter, Star Wars, the X-Men.

If there's another fandom you want it in (especially if it's a small fandom), just ask! I might be able to do it :)

What I can't do: Other anime or manga, John/Dean or John/Sam in SPN, or major Mulder/Scully.

Contact: email is listed in my lj user info or message me on lj

Delivery: by July 31st, if not earlier!

Minimum Bid: $5

Buy it now: $20
Tags: offered: misc, offered: misc items, offered: misc services, rpf: j2, rps: bandom, rps: other, rps: popslash, tv: alias, tv: angel, tv: once a thief, tv: other, tv: psych, tv: smallville, tv: stargate: atlantis, tv: supernatural, tv: terminator:tscc, tv: veronica mars


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