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Offered: Anime Club Shenanigans!

I mentioned this amazing community to the anime club I attend and they thought it was a wonderful idea and wanted to help support the cause. So we're offering ourselves.

Offer: Honorary membership in JAMM Club (Japanese Anime, Manga and Music) of St. Clair County, Michigan. We find that we're a little more like Genshiken than we'd probably like.

You get to join our Y!Group and listen to us talk about anime, games, manga, weird things we find at local shops, conventions, etc. We will try to accurately detail what we watch, what we think of it, club activities and games as well as goofy commentary.

You get a huge thank you on our website and will be mentioned in an article about LiveLongnMarry in the next club newsletter.

You will get print copies of club newsletters for at least the next six months.

You will also get an assortment of fun items from our prize tubbies - most of these are blind packed as grab-bags so we don't know what's in them either but there's comics, manga, anime on vhs and maybe some DVDs or CDs. There may also be ramen or gummy vampire teeth, unless it was just that one time. ^^;

You can pick the programming for one meeting. If we have it amongst ourselves or have a way to get it, we'll watch it. If you want us to watch three hours of Sailormoon, we'll do it. If you want us to watch three hours of MS Gundam, we'll also do that. The vote is probably split on which we'd prefer.

And obviously, if you're local in any way, you get to attend meetings! If we're at the library, we'll make sure you get a grown-up chair and not sit with your knees at your chin like half of us do.

Contact: kalloway0018 at yahoo dot com, LJ PM, or join the club ML.

Delivery: July/August newsletter will be mailed out ASAP, Box o' Goodies by July 31st, future newsletters whenever they're printed until the end of the year.

Minimum bid: $10.

Buy It Now: $50.

(Anyone is welcome to join the mailing list or attend meetings, of course.)
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