puppyhuskey (puppyhuskey) wrote in livelongnmarry,

Offered: searching for your collectibles

So, I am not sure if this is something anyone is interested in but.....  

Offer:  Do you or someone you love collect something?  frogs?  garfields? old books? antique forks? Well, I shall search high and low for your beloved things.  I love to search antique stores, thrift stores, ebay, and other auction houses.  I will spend roughly the equivilent amount of your bid  on your items.  So if it is an expensive hobby you have, maybe I will only be able to find one unique thing, but if it isn't, hopefully I can find lots of little goodies for you!

Contact: My email is in my user info.

Delivery: This depends on how soon I find items, but by Christmas at the latest (and what a great holiday surprise!)

Minimum bid: $30
Tags: fandom: any, fandom: other, fandom: yours, offered: misc, offered: misc services

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