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Offered: Art Critique (For a full year)

Alright, this is my final contribution to the community. :3

Offered: For a full year I will offer you critique on your artwork (be it fanart or original, digital or natural media). Critique can be as in-depth as you want. I had a few years of art school at one point, so I'm well aware of how to give a good critique.

Critiques will include as many of the following as you wish:

• Points you need to work on
• Points where you excel
• Suggestions/Advice on how to improve (this comes both from personal experience and from classes I have taken)
• Draw overs (where I take the drawing into photoshop and draw in another layer to illustrate how things can be improved)

• And I'm open to other requests so long as they are related to actual critique!

Qualifications: 2 years of art classes on both a beginning and intermediate level (the latter taken with some more advanced students). I have also been drawing and otherwise practicing and improving my own artistic techniques for around 8 years now.

I am versed in using Open Canvas 1.1 (the freeware version) and Photoshop. My preferred natural media is pen and ink, but I've picked up a few techniques for other media (like charcoal) in my classes.

Please note that I am not by any stretch a painter, so I will not be able to give as much advice to that particular medium.

You can see my art gallery here to gauge for yourself if you feel my level of ability would be useful to you:


Delivery: Starting from the day this auction ends for a full year I will make myself available to you for critique and/or advice. That's until July 15, 2009.

Minimum Bid: $10


High Bid: (As of July 9 3:55AM EST) $10 ladynadiad
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