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Offer: Fiction Critique for New York-based Stories

Offer: Working in a fandom set in New York? Want to send your characters to the city? But a little confused about subway lines or the differences between avenues and streets, or where the city divides into east and west? Want to make sure that your plot is actually workable in the city?

I will read a story/manuscript for city-specific accuracy, help you create the right setting if needed, suggest places your characters might live/frequent/abhor, give you some common New York phrases/traditions/complaints, as well as just giving you a thorough beta (if you want)!

Qualifications: Eight years as a resident of the city, having done everything from taking advantage of every free thing I could find, visiting multiple parks & playgrounds, working at 168th & B'way all the way down to City Hall. Been on every subway line in the city, know the best places to be "alone" or in a crowd, the horror of hearing "service change" while you're on the subway, how to commute to Jersey, PA and Connecticut. I have never been on a Chinatown bus though - you're on your own if you want to deal with that. ;) I've worked in the city government, in the department of education, I graduated from Columbia, took classes at City College, have a sister who graduated from NYU and friends at every other school you can think of. I am most familiar with Manhattan, probably the Bronx next, then Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.

Been to loads of restaurants, up to date with Broadway and political issues (also going back 8 years), completely addicted to all sporting events, been to all the touristy things that no New Yorker will admit to having done, trained for the marathon in Central Park before getting injured, know about churches and synagogues, museums, airports, and the history of the city.

I am also willing to send photos of places (over e-mail) if you really have no concept of what the Park looks like in winter, or spring, or a particular place. I can prove Manhattan is an island!

If there is anything specific you need to know about that I don't know, I can always take a ride and check it out. (The joy of an unlimited metro-card.) I'll even find an apartment for your character if needed.

I can also check for any discrepancies between the east and west coast - for example, no one from California is going to be complaining about the cold during the summer in New York. Bonus weather whining at no cost! ;)

This is open to any fandom or original story, because everything is possible in New York!


Delivery: Three to four weeks turn-around time, depending on length, need, and schedule. Offer open until needed (so multiple drafts, etc. are fine). Please feel free to ask any questions, dates, etc!

Minimum Bid: $15

Buy Now: $50
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