charybidis (charybidis) wrote in livelongnmarry,

Offered: Duct Tape Wonders

Offer: I will make one object out of duct tape from the following list:

  • Wallet
  • Purse
  • Small Tote
  • Six-flower rose bouquet
  • iPod case
  • Composition book cover

I have duct tape in the following colors: regular (grey), black, bright green, turquoise, purple, brown, translucent and shiny silver. Choose as many colors as you want, but design options are pretty much limited to horizontal or vertical stripes.

Here are some pictures of the wallet that I recently made for a friend.

Contact: charybidis @

Delivery: I will send it out by August 15.

Minimum bid: $8

Buy It Now: $40
Tags: offered: bags, offered: book cover, offered: ipod case, offered: misc items, other: duct tape, seller: charybidis

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