July 9th, 2008

Saint Dogbert

BID WON! Two PAL DVD Boxed Sets, and Region-Free DVD Player

BBC DVD's box set of THE QUATERMASS COLLECTION- I am offering a shrink-wrapped Region 2 (former Western Europe, most of Middle East, Japan & South Africa) & 4 (Australia, Latin America) PAL three-DVD boxed set called THE QUATERMASS COLLECTION, featuring writer Nigel Kneale's three BBC-TV shot-on-b&w-video SF serials featuring Prof. Bernard Quatermass (best known outside England from the 1967 Hammer film FIVE MILLION YEARS TO EARTH, aka QUATERMASS & THE PIT). (NOTE: You will need a DVD Region-free player or computer software to view this outside of Region 2 or 4.) Bidding begins at US$30.

Box art for 1979 ITV Miniseries QUATERMASS aka THE QUATERMASS CONCLUSOIN- I am offering a shrink-wrapped All-Region PAL three-DVD set of writer Nigel Kneale's QUATERMASS, starring Sir John Mills as Prof. Quatermass and Simon MacCorkindale (RELIC HUNTER, COUNTERSTRIKE, MANIMAL - yeah, that MANIMAL). It consists of the four-hour ITV miniseries, the 102-minute "International Movie Edition" THE QUATERMASS CONCLUSION, and a disc of Special Features. (NOTE: You will need a NTSC/PAL DVD player or computer software to view this if you live in North America, Japan, South Korea, France, Russia or the Middle East.) Bidding begins at US$15.

- In case you don't already have one, I am offering a unboxed progressive-scan (component video) Yamakawa All-Region NTSC/PAL DVD player. I used it briefly and can confirm it works on virtually any standard-definition DVD from anyplace on Earth - the only reason I'm not still using it is because I got a better model. It comes with a remote control and printout of instructions. Bidding begins at US$60.

Though very different in tone from the popular long-running DOCTOR WHO series, the QUATERMASS television serials are an equally important part of British televised SF. Serious, thought-provoking dramas with an often fantastical element, these videos are highly recommended for those who like intelligent SF as opposed to "Sci-Fi".!!

Offered: Art Critique (For a full year)

Alright, this is my final contribution to the community. :3

Offered: For a full year I will offer you critique on your artwork (be it fanart or original, digital or natural media). Critique can be as in-depth as you want. I had a few years of art school at one point, so I'm well aware of how to give a good critique.

Critiques will include as many of the following as you wish:

• Points you need to work on
• Points where you excel
• Suggestions/Advice on how to improve (this comes both from personal experience and from classes I have taken)
• Draw overs (where I take the drawing into photoshop and draw in another layer to illustrate how things can be improved)

• And I'm open to other requests so long as they are related to actual critique!

Qualifications: 2 years of art classes on both a beginning and intermediate level (the latter taken with some more advanced students). I have also been drawing and otherwise practicing and improving my own artistic techniques for around 8 years now.

I am versed in using Open Canvas 1.1 (the freeware version) and Photoshop. My preferred natural media is pen and ink, but I've picked up a few techniques for other media (like charcoal) in my classes.

Please note that I am not by any stretch a painter, so I will not be able to give as much advice to that particular medium.

You can see my art gallery here to gauge for yourself if you feel my level of ability would be useful to you: http://some-art-bum.deviantart.com/

Contact: susukeru@gmail.com

Delivery: Starting from the day this auction ends for a full year I will make myself available to you for critique and/or advice. That's until July 15, 2009.

Minimum Bid: $10


High Bid: (As of July 9 3:55AM EST) $10 ladynadiad
[men] Tic-tac-toe Whip

Offered: Books

Offer: I have a huge book collection that I started when I was a child. Sadly they have built up, and there are many that I have never read because my interests have changed as I aged. With this offer, I will send at least 4 books all in new or near new condition. This package could include manga, romance, sci-fi, cookbooks, puzzle books, fantasy, child books, teen books, self-help books, etc. If the bidding goes high enough I will include at least one signed book (only child books). Also the higher the bidding the more books I will. The winner can specify if they want a particular type of book.

Contact: heeroluva@hotmail.com

Delivery: The package will be sent no later than 2 weeks after the end of the auction with confirmation of the donation, the type (if any) of books desired, and the winner's address. I'm sorry I can only ship to the US.

Min Bid: $15
do not meddle

Offered: searching for your collectibles

So, I am not sure if this is something anyone is interested in but.....  

Offer:  Do you or someone you love collect something?  frogs?  garfields? old books? antique forks? Well, I shall search high and low for your beloved things.  I love to search antique stores, thrift stores, ebay, and other auction houses.  I will spend roughly the equivilent amount of your bid  on your items.  So if it is an expensive hobby you have, maybe I will only be able to find one unique thing, but if it isn't, hopefully I can find lots of little goodies for you!

Contact: My email is in my user info.

Delivery: This depends on how soon I find items, but by Christmas at the latest (and what a great holiday surprise!)

Minimum bid: $30
fotc - robots

Offered: Letters, Mixtapes, Zines

Offer: I will write to you at least one letter a month for a year. This service includes nice stationary, pimped out envelopes, and a general sense of impending awesomeness as you open your mailbox. Extra goodies randomly received through the mail may include mix tapes (I still hold on to my love of cassettes, but I'll go with cds if you like), photographs (though I am by no means a professional), zines*, and other random things. You can choose the topics of the letters (movies, fandoms, real life events, super duper serious issues, anything really) or I'll just write freely. If you'd like it to be more of a pen pal sort of thing I'd definitely be cool with that, but that's totally up to you. Anyway, if you'd like to know more about me feel free to check out my user info.

*Note: If you're not familiar with zines, here's a helpful link.

Contact: My email is shadowpoet89 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Delivery: A letter at least once a month for a year, starting whenever the winner wants.

Minimum bid: $5.
yuuko floral

Offered: Music City Care Package

Offer: Only slightly late, I'm offering a care package filled with goodies from Nashville, Tennessee. You'll get all sort of Nashville souvenirs from places such as the Grand Ole Opry, as well as southern goodies and candy like Goo-Goo Clusters, first sold in Nashville. I will be happy to personalize it to your tastes, including merchandise from specific country music artists. I can also get you other Tennessee souvenirs, including Elvis memorabilia and UT merchandise.

To recap, your package could contain:

  • merchandise featuring your favorite country music star!
  • general country music souvenirs, including some from the Grand Ole Opry!
  • souvenirs from Nashville attractions such as the Parthenon!
  • postcards!
  • local art or crafts!
  • brochures or books and other information about Nashville history and culture, including the history of country music, Civil War history, and information on Andrew Jackson/The Hermitage!
  • delicious candy and other local and southern goodies! (sadly I cannot mail Jack Daniel's)
  • t-shirts, mugs, keychains and more!
  • merchandise featuring local sports teams and universities!
  • maybe even a fandom item, depending on your fandoms! (if country music is your fandom, you're set)
  • whatever other cool stuff I find!
  • I can't guarantee anything, but I can maybe get you Lorrie Morgan's autograph

The higher the bid goes, the more stuff I'll put in. And no matter what, you'll have the satisfaction of thumbing your nose at the Buckle of the Bible Belt (or one of them, at least) and supporting gay marriage!

Contact: jetdragon @ gmail.com

Delivery: Mailed by September 1st, though I can rush it or send it later depending on your preferences.

Minimum Bid: $15
default trek

OFFERED: Hand-knit scarf!

So, since my first offer of knit scarf went unnoticed, I'll try again. I guess if people bid on both, I make two!

Offered: A hand-knit scarf, completely customizeable: color, pattern, material (depending on end bid, somewhat), length, everything. You want a Hogwarts scarf? You got it. Doctor Who? Why not. Cables, lacework, fringes, pompoms, a little pocket in the end for your ipod, a clever phrase stitched in.... anything! It'll be the only scarf of its kind, if that's what you want!

Contact: through LJ private message or this post.

Delivery: Nov 1 at the utter latest, it will probably be much much earlier than this.

Minimum bid: $20

Offered: RPS bandom fanfic & 5 beaded bracelets

Offer #1: RPS bandom fanfic of no less than 8000 words.

Bands: My Chemical Romance, Panic At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is…, Cobra Starship, The Hush Sound, The Cab. I will consider any others you're interested in.

Pairings I particularly enjoy: Panic GSF, Brendon/Ryan, Jon/Spencer, Brendon/Spencer, Frank/Gerard, Gerard/Mikey, Mikey/Pete, Patrick/Pete, Gabe/William. As with the bands, I will consider any others you're interested in!

I will write any rating you want, from G to hard NC17. Squicks are rape, coprophilia, and necrophilia. I will write canon or AUs. Supernatural fics are great, too.

You can find samples of my writing here, here, and here.

Contact: dreamyraynbo(at)gmail(dot)com
Delivery: By September 30
Minimum bid: $5
Buy it now: $50


Offer #2: 5 handmade beaded bracelets

Beads: Wooden, glass, semiprecious, bone, shell, seed, plastic, colorful, sparkly, simple, whatever!
These will be strung on stretchy cord, unless you specifically request tiger tail or hemp. Tiger tail bracelets will include a clasp. Hemp bracelets can be simply strung or woven.

If you want pictures of items I've made, contact me and I'll be happy to take some!

Contact: dreamyraynbo(at)gmail(dot)com
Delivery: By September 30 (almost certainly sooner than that)
Minimum bid: $5
Buy it now: $25

Proposal: Livelongnmarry knitted afghan

Proposal: Hey, all you knitters and crocheters! Let's make a "livelongnmarry" afghan together! Be creative! Be colorful!

Procedure: To make an afghan approx 4 feet square, using 6" squares of knitted or crocheted MACHINE-WASHABLE yarn. Any stitch or pattern is fine as long as it's not too lacy. We'll need a minimum of 64 squares. Post the number you offer to create and when you expect to finish them. I will collect them, stitch them together, and send them to the winning bidder (along with any personal notes from the contributors)

Bidding: will open once we have commitments for enough squares. Delivery time will be determined then.

(Contributors: since this will be a community effort, please suggest a minimum bid.)
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filled with music put together by someone of dubious musical taste. 8D I can do them based on themes, so gimme your ideas and we'll work something out, else I will SURPRAISE you with my bad music it. all CDs come in a hard case + booklet LIKE A REAL CD (only not). --> booklet will include title + lyrics. my music range is (kinda) limited and the muxtape will have songs that range from japanese hard rock, to korean pop, to Chinese rap, to german rock - although if you like, I can keep the songs solely asian. I'll probably find some way to include this song because my tastes are dubious like that. I may even throw in a DVD of MVs just for fun. ♥

NOTE: 5 CDs are avaliable to all good homes. (all CDs will vary.)

WARNINGS: some songs may make you want to dance. the sender takes no responsibility for that.

DELIVERY: ___________?
2 weeks after confirmation of donation. :D I live in Singapore so expect shipping time to be about 2 weeks, roughly.



CONTACT: ________
samchanly [@] hotmail [.] com (email&msn)
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Offered: Fanfic

Offer: I will write a story of at least 1500 words that is a remix of, a sequel or prequel to, or a missing scene from one of your own stories. You get to decide which of those options you prefer. You can also pick the specific story or fandom that you want me to work with, or just point me towards your stories and let it be a surprise.

I can write slash, femslash, het, or gen. If your writing includes heavy kink, please contact me first to discuss whether it's something I can do. A drabble or series of drabbles is perfectly workable.

For this offer, I will write in any of the following fandoms:
RPF: Hey!Say!JUMP, Kanjani8, KAT-TUN, Kis-My-Ft2, NewS, Tackey & Tsubasa, DBSK, Super Junior, 'N Sync, Backstreet Boys
Jdramas: Akihabara@deep, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, Kurosagi, Nobuta wo Produce, One Pound Gospel, RH+
Animanga: Antique Bakery, Demon Diary, Hikaru no Go, Prince of Tennis, Saiyuki, Yami no Matsuei
Other media: Firefly, Harry Potter, plus a fairly large number of books and a much smaller number of movies--contact me to find out if your book or movie fandom is one I can write

My previous remixes and missing scenes are Awakening (DN), Breath and Shadow (HnG), Collared (HP), Obscured (HP), That Which Was Lost (HP), Inevitable Conclusions (JE), What a Girl Wants (JE), In Fond Memory (Lost Boys), Early Sunday Morning (popslash), Predator (Prey) (popslash), and Chancing Happiness (Saiyuki). You can find other samples of my writing at La Pasticherie and A Wild Surmise.

Contact: jain7856 [at] gmail.com

Delivery: I will have your story written by September 1.

Minimum bid: $10

Buy It Now: $25

Offered: Fanfic - POSTED!

Offer: I will write fanfic of no less than 2000 words (likely rather more) in the Chronicles of Narnia fandom. I lean toward slash (particularly Caspian/Edmund) but will also write het, and will write any rating. There are certain kinks/squicks I will not write (some listed here), and a few characters I probably wouldn't write well, but generally I'm pretty flexible. We can discuss characters/pairing(s) and prompts, and I'll do my best to suit your preferences. My strengths are realism, smut, and reasonably happy endings, although I can also manage bittersweet.

For examples, you can find all of my previous Narnia fanfic here. I will email you a copy, and send a hard copy if desired. I reserve the right to repost/archive the fic after you receive it.

Contact: My email is in my user info.

Delivery: I will have your story written by no later than December 1.

Minimum bid: $25

Buy it now: $100

This fic has now been written and publicly posted: Bound to Be [Edmund/Eustace, adult]
Ridiculously Romantic

Offered: Custom Rubber Stamp

I will hand carve you a rubber stamp of your choosing. Would you like to make stationary with your favorite anime character? Do you want to stamp your own picture on all your letters? Do you feel the need to send all your friends Snape-in-a-Santa-hat Christmas cards?

Samples of my work: (all of these are between two and four inches)
Gir Death from Sandman Nick Cave David Bowie

I've also carved the Blue Sun logo and the Dharma Initiative logo, which were both royal pains, but I'll do them again for charity. Let me know if you want to see more samples of my work, and I can email them to you.

The details:
I will carve any fandom or rating, as long as there are reference materials available. The stamp can measure up to 4 inches in either direction.

Anime, comic book, or cartoon characters translate well to stamps. Stamps from photos or screencaps are more difficult, because it's hard to simplify a photo to only black without making it unrecognizable. If you want something based on a photo or screencap, I'll work with you to find an image that will work well. I'll work my Photoshop magic to convert the picture into something carvable, and I'll make sure you like the simplified picture before I start carving.

I'd prefer not to make anything with a lot of writing, which I find very difficult to carve. I'll do a word or two, but not poems or anything long.

I'll mail the stamp unmounted to save on shipping (because I have more time than money at the moment). I'll send you mounting instructions - it's really easy.

Contact: llamachameleon [at] gmail [dot] com, or post here

Delivery: Within two months of deciding on a picture. (Probably much sooner, but if it's particularly tricky it might take a few tries to get right.) If you need it by a certain date, let me know.

Minimum bid: $20

Current High bid: $60 as of July 10 at 8:16am


Offered: British Care Package

A little late to the party, but I hope you'll like my offer!

I am offering one British Care Package. This will contain goodies, quintessentially British things and tourist novelties - and the more money you bid, the more I will put into it. If there is anything specific you would love to have that you can only get in Britain (does that happen?) then I will be happy to provide, otherwise I will put in a good selection of random British things - here are some possibles:
  • Delicious crumbly fudge from Devon, the county I reside in
  • Marmite! There's a good chance you'll hate it, but if you ask me there is nothing better on buttery toast
  • Tea, of course - Tetley or maybe even proper leaf tea, with accompanying paraphernalia (i.e. strainer and teapot)
  • Proper Cadbury's chocolate!
  • Something with the Union Flag plastered all over it, quite possibly underwear or a hat
  •  Postcards or photos from as many areas of Britain as I can manage
  • A sample of Scotch whiskey, Guinness, Caerphilly cheese (how cheese is meant to taste!)
  • A photo of Platform 9 3/4 complete with half a trolley, if you are HP inclined! (Doctor Who/Torchwood themed photos and accessories also very much available)
(By the way, I have looked up the regulations and procedure regarding sending food to the US [you have to give prior notice through the FDA website], but I have no idea about restrictions on other countries. I should be able to look them up though.)

anya.elizabeth @ gmail.com

Delivery: Mailed by October 1st, probably much before

Minimum Bid: $15
Thinking In Unicorns and Handgrenades

Offered: Recipe Book


I will put together a book of special recipes for you, most of which are based in my unique mixed heritage and the place of my birth. [European Mutt (I can list it if you want) and Wisconsin, USA.] I can do it in traditional card form with a fun recipe box or I can put it into a book for you. I guarantee at least 50 recipes, but there could easily be more if I can’t decide what I want to send you.

These recipes can be a variety of types including:

Vegetarian [Will most likely include milk or eggs]
Budget friendly
Family friendly [As tested on my family and my extended family]
Ethnic [A series that are based in my heritage]
Wisconsin [Includes lots of favorite local recipes, which will inevitably include cheese, milk or beef since this is Wisconsin: Dairy State]
Outdoor cooking [Especially grilling]
Bakery [These might be my favorites, I can guarantee you’ll love them]
Food specific [Like rhubarb recipes, ground beef recipes, rice recipes, etc]

If you win, you can specify if you’d like a certain type of recipes [or more than one] or I can make you a selection of my favorites. The recipes that I haven’t invented for myself or my family, are ones handed down from my father, grandmothers and great-grandmothers. They’ve got a long history of love and use. [And I can tell you the budget friendly ones really are budget friendly, my grandmothers had 9 kids each and one great-grandmother had 14 kids to feed.]

I can work around pickiness. Don’t like celery? I can avoid recipes that include that as my sister doesn’t eat that. No garlic? No worries, my mom hates it. Just tell me and I can do it.

I’ve worked in restaurants [including a Danish one, I’ve got a few great recipes from there] for 8 years and I’ve been cooking for my family and for myself for 15 years. These are tried and true favorites that you are guarenteed to love.

Contact: My email is zanmoran [at] gmail [dot] com or post here.

Delivery: I will have it in the mail by September 1st at the latest. If you need it earlier for some reason, talk to me and we’ll work things out.

Minimum bid: $20.

Buy It Now: $50 A dollar a recipe, I figure that isn’t bad. Option can no longer be done, as per the rules.

Offered: Original Fic & Poetry

Offer 1

A CD of my e-book, Closing Arguments, published by Drollerie Press.

It's a supernatural comedy about a Wiccan personal injury attorney whose dead occultist parents get stuck in the wrong afterlife and haunt him until he rescues them. You can read an excerpt here. The secondary characters include an older gay couple planning their civil union ceremony.

Minimum Bid: $6

Buy It Now: $50

Offer 2

A copy of my poetry chapbook Persephone in Washington, published by Blast Press, now out of print.

It's a sonnet sequence in which Persephone has forgotten she's a goddess and works as a receptionist for the Department of the Interior, until she has a vision of Hades during the office blood drive. She descends to the Underworld by way of the Washington Monument, confronts Hades, and escapes to an encampment of other goddesses--including Innana, Queen of Heaven, and Aretha, Queen of Soul--who cure what ails Persephone by pitching her into a really big cooking pot. It sounds like it shouldn't work, but I promise you, it does.

Minimum Bid: $6

Buy It Now: $50

Offer: Inspiration

Offer: Well, I've scanned every day, and I haven't seen this one yet! Which probably means there's no interest, but hell, it's something I'd want. I'm offering to fill a lovely (though not handmade) journal with prompts to inspire your future writings. These can be based around a fandom if you like (though I'll need to know the fandom) or just be general prompts to inspire the imagination. I will endeavor to be exceedingly creative, and avoid the sort of prompts you find in the books at your local book store. I'll talk to you, get to know what kind of writing you like to do, and then I'll go to work. I will title the pages with prompts, and leave you to fill in the empty space.

If an Artist decides they're interested in this, I can adapt to a sketchbook as well. My fandoms are located behind the cut. But, again, I can make a fandom/pairing based inspiration journal (or a number of fandoms and pairings), or I can make a general one, geared to you.

Collapse )

Contact Kazaiko at gmail dot com

Delivery I will mail the journal by the start of September.

Minimum Bid $5

Offered: handmade fabric gift bags

Offered: handmade fabric gift bags (5)

As a Canadian proud of our now legal same-sex marriages, I hope this will become, and stay, legal all over the world.

Details: I will make you 5 lovely hand-made fabric gift bags, of varied sizes and themes based on your choice! They will be made of recycled material (fabric scraps and samples from decorators' fabric sample books) and you can re-use them as many times as you like! This is a sustainable gift-giving alternative to wrapping paper which often can't be, or isn't,  recycled.  I will decorate the bags with fabric applique, fabric paint, embroidery, and fancy buttons. Some popular bag sizes are for wine bottles, cd's or dvds, paperback books,  as well as larger all-purpose bags.  I can do any themes of your choice - birthday, holiday, winter festival, any religious festival, baby, music, floral, denim, all-occasion,  etc.  The bags close by either using a drawstring, a ribbon tied in a bow, or a button and button-hole closure.

Contact: please contact me by posting here or by e-mail at   artemisia0l [at] gmail.com  (the 0 is a zero, not an o, and the l is an L)

Receive Date: I guarantee the bags will be finished by Sept. 30 2008 and mailed to you on or before that date!

Minimum Bid: $5
Edit: WINNING BID, $15 !

Offered: Set of 8 Cross-stitched or Embroidered Cards

Offer: I will make eight cross-stitch or embroider cards  in the following styles: Celtic knotwork, some type of pets (contact me to see if I have a pattern of the one you'd like), patchwork quilt squares or folk designs.  I can also whip up a blackwork design, seasonal greetings or maybe even a logo of your favorite fandom (depends on complexity).  We can come to an agreement.

Contact: use the lj contact

Delivery: Depending on the complexity of the patterns chosen, by the middle of September.

Minimum bid: $20

Buy it Now: $40

Tags: offered, embroidery: offered, cross-stitch: offered, misc items: offered, needlework

Offered: Food -- Chinese candies, condiments, etc.

Offer: I will send you a package that includes Chinese candies, condiments, and goodies. I will look for items not usually found in the "international" aisle of a Western grocery store. The higher the bid, the more I will send. What will likely be in the $10 package:

-- Different kinds of candies.
-- Fermented black soybeans. Use them in stir fries with fresh garlic and fresh ginger for a very traditional flavor.
-- Dried tiger lily buds. Add to stir fries (or vegetarian casseroles!).
-- Chrysanthemum tea. The actual dried petals and buds of the flower. Lowers blood pressure.
-- Box containing the traditional assortment of dried herbs for making herbal chicken soup. Tasty and a tonic for good health. ("Chinese medicine cooking.")
-- Dried bean curd sticks. (Tiger lily buds and bean curd sticks in oyster sauce make a great vegetarian stir fry)
-- Can of sweetened red soybean paste (dessert)
-- A dessert soup mix packet, like almond soup or walnut soup. Or maybe a can of sweet lotus soup.

All items are either canned, or dry and packaged in plastic/cardboard. No fresh foods, no glass jars.

Contact: rachel_martin64 AT hotmail or leave a comment here.

Delivery: I will mail to you by August 1.

Minimum bid: $10.00

Destiny Impulse

Offered: Anime Club Shenanigans!

I mentioned this amazing community to the anime club I attend and they thought it was a wonderful idea and wanted to help support the cause. So we're offering ourselves.

Offer: Honorary membership in JAMM Club (Japanese Anime, Manga and Music) of St. Clair County, Michigan. We find that we're a little more like Genshiken than we'd probably like.

You get to join our Y!Group and listen to us talk about anime, games, manga, weird things we find at local shops, conventions, etc. We will try to accurately detail what we watch, what we think of it, club activities and games as well as goofy commentary.

You get a huge thank you on our website and will be mentioned in an article about LiveLongnMarry in the next club newsletter.

You will get print copies of club newsletters for at least the next six months.

You will also get an assortment of fun items from our prize tubbies - most of these are blind packed as grab-bags so we don't know what's in them either but there's comics, manga, anime on vhs and maybe some DVDs or CDs. There may also be ramen or gummy vampire teeth, unless it was just that one time. ^^;

You can pick the programming for one meeting. If we have it amongst ourselves or have a way to get it, we'll watch it. If you want us to watch three hours of Sailormoon, we'll do it. If you want us to watch three hours of MS Gundam, we'll also do that. The vote is probably split on which we'd prefer.

And obviously, if you're local in any way, you get to attend meetings! If we're at the library, we'll make sure you get a grown-up chair and not sit with your knees at your chin like half of us do.

Contact: kalloway0018 at yahoo dot com, LJ PM, or join the club ML.

Delivery: July/August newsletter will be mailed out ASAP, Box o' Goodies by July 31st, future newsletters whenever they're printed until the end of the year.

Minimum bid: $10.

Buy It Now: $50.

(Anyone is welcome to join the mailing list or attend meetings, of course.)
  • cerine

Offered: xxxHOLiC Fanart - SOLD~!

Offered: This auction is for one piece of fanart of the lovely Yuuko from xxxHOLiC. Since she's such a clothes horse, you get to choose what you would like her to wear.

The image will be done in ink (with the possible addition of one colour if you want) to keep up with the aesthetic of the manga. I've found my interest for this series again, and felt like throwing up an offer for fanart. I could probably easily be persuaded to throw in another character with a similar clothing design if you want (Maru, Moro, Clow, Watanuki, etc.).

Contact: Cerine @ gmail.com

Delivery: You will receive a high-resolution scan of the image before it is shipped to you.

Winning Bidders: part_b with $21 and bookchan with $21.

default trek

OFFER: Inspiration

So, I'm taking this from harunokaze who came up with this earlier today.

Offer: I will fill a journal (or sketchbook) with prompts for your writing (or art). I may also doodle on the pages a little, which you can take as prompts or decoration. These prompts can be fandom-based (fandoms I am familar with are listed below), or general. I will talk to you and get to know your writing (art), what sort of things your interested in, if you want serious or crack-tastic prompts, and I will try to be as creative and out-of-the-ordinary as possible. I will title the pages with prompts and leave you to take care of the rest.

Collapse )

Contact:Through LJ private message or this post

Delivery: I will mail the book to you by Oct 1 at the very latest.

Minimum bid: $10