July 2nd, 2008


Offer - fic!

Ah, fic. I will write either a series of short pieces, or one piece, combined total to be not less than 1,000 words. (I tend to write drabbles and very short pieces, which is why I'm setting the minimum like that.) You provide the prompt - what do you want?

Recent examples can be found on the fic_on_demand community. For particular fics, a Hellsing one is here, a Death Note fic is here, a Bleach fic is here, a silly GetBackers one is here - that covers a bit of a range, so you can get an idea.

Things I will not write: I'm not good at NC-17, and I will not write heavy kink (noncon; bloodplay; necro; breathplay; watersports; anything like that).

Things I will write: Slash (male/male; also girl/girl, which I'm used to calling shoujo-ai or yuri). Het. Genfic. Creepy/suspense. Character-introspective pieces. Comedy/crack. Self insert (yes, if you've always wanted to be a part of the universe YOU CAN!).

Fandoms I'm strongest in: Death Note, Harry Potter (films and books), Hellsing (TV, manga, OVAs), Avatar: the Last Airbender, Baccano!, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Maria-sama ga Miteru, Firefly/Serenity - but I know a few more. If you're not sure, or want to know more, contact me.

Delivery: Email to your inbox, no later than October 1st (but probably much sooner than that).

Contact: rusciel[at] gmail[dot] com, or reply via comments.

Minimum Bid: $10

Offered: fanfic

Offer: I will write a fanfic of no less than 1000 2,000 words in the following fandoms:

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Zuko/Aang, Zuko/Jin, Jet/Zuko, Jet/Aang, Sokka/Yue, Aang/Katara, Sokka/Aang, Zuko/Aang/Katara with Aang planted firmly in the middle)
Final Fantasy VIII (any combination of Squall, Zell, Seifer, Selphie, Irvine, Quistis, and Rinoa)
Final Fantasy XII (Balthier/Vaan, Basch/Vaan, Balthier/Vaan/Basch, Fran/Penelo, gen)
Princess Princess (Yuujiro/Tooru, Mikoto/Megumi, gen) ~ I am familiar only with the anime
GetBackers (Ban/Ginji, Akabane/Ginji, Ban/Ginji/Akabane, gen) ~ I am familiar only with the first season of the anime

I will write slash, femmeslash, het, or gen. Ratings may go from G to NC-17. I'm open to light kinks but can't write the following: hardcore non-con, human excrement, fisting, or mpreg. I specialize in fluff and romance (and pr0n!) but I am capable of darker fiction. I prefer the prompts you give be general, since I can never be certain which direction the story may take me (but if you ask for smut, you'll get smut; if you ask for angst, you'll get angst).

Examples of my writing can be found in my IJ tag list.

Contact: nanthimus (at) gmail.com

Delivery: In your inbox no later than November 1st.

Minimum Bid: $5

Buy it Now: N/A

Offer: Hogwarts Wall Hanging (Embroidery)

Offer: I will hand embroider a Hogwarts crest -- full school or the House of your choice -- as a banner/wall hanging.

-Approximate dimentions of the finished piece will be 18x24 inches.

-The piece will be done on egyptian cotton, white unless otherwise specified, with a light sew-in stabilizer.

Contact: Any questions, please contact me at yume_no_kage or chibichibitheone@aol.com

Delivery: As this piece will be made to order, I will be sending this piece out approximately six weeks after the end of the auction to allow time for making it.

Minimum Bid: $35

ETA: I will also offer a 3x5 inch hand embroidered patch of the house of one's choosing, seperate from the banner.

Delivery: One to two weeks after the end of the auction.

Minimum bid: $7
Hot Chocolate

Offered: Miniature Likenesses

Offer: I will create for you a three little polymer clay figures (1"-2" depending on height of model sources). These can be fictional characters (your originals or your favorites from a book/movie/etc.) or likenesses of you and family/friends. Just send me the specifications for the three models: height, weight, hair/eye color, any clothing/costume details or other distinguishing features. (Limit three figures.)

Examples of said figurines are here at my devART page, although I do not know how to make the words glowing and hyperlinky: http://lady-magic-knight.deviantart.com/

Delivery: in your hands no more than two weeks after details are exchanged.

Contact: knight_of_windom[at]hotmail[dot]com or through comments here.

Minimum bid: $5.


"Buy now" for $45!
Saiyuki Gaiden: sakura of doom

SOLD and SHIPPED: assorted beaded zipper pulls

I'm combining four separate offers into a single post here because these items are all similar enough in construction and pricing and I'm too tired to make four separate posts right now; so please note that the bid minimum/buy-it-now price is for just ONE zipper pull, not all four! :)

Offer: one handmade beaded zipper pull/clip-on charm of your choice; large glass beads in various styles including lampwork and encased beads, plain or plated steel findings in gold and gunmetal finishes, with lobster-claw clasps to clip onto jacket or handbag zippers, necklace cords, embroidery scissors, pocket watches, cell phone charms, you name it!

From left to right in the picture below, the individual offers are as follows:

Pull #1 -- "Raindrops" (light blue) (Sold and shipped)
Large opaque-core translucent glass beads in shades of aquamarine and light blue, on steel/silvertone findings. Some beads have a faint surface iridescence, others (particularly the large teardrop) have a lot of interesting bubble inclusions. Roughly 2.75 inches/7 cm long, the largest bead is about 1/2 inch/1 cm across at the widest point.

Pull #2 -- "Chiaroscuro" (black/white/clear) (Sold and shipped)
Large irregularly shaped opaque black oblong glass beads, alternating with smaller round beads with swirling black and white lampwork encased in clear glass, on black/gunmetal finish plated steel findings. The lobsterclaw closure on this one is extra-large, helpful if you're looking for an attachment sized to fit things like thicker outerwear zippers, heavy necklaces, etc... The largest beads here are roughly 1/4 inch/7 mm wide and 1/2 inch/12 mm long; total length of the charm is about 3.5 inches/9 cm.

Pull #3 -- "Fairuza" (turquoise/gold) (Sold and shipped)
Large opaque turquoise beads, most ornamented with a shimmery gold-metallic surface swirl, on goldtone/plated steel findings, accented with 2mm gold-plated metal beads. The largest bead here is about 3/4 inch/2 cm long and 1/2 inch/1 cm across at the widest point. The lobsterclaw closure on this one is extra-large, helpful if you're looking for an attachment sized to fit things like thicker outerwear zippers, heavy necklaces, etc..

Pull #4 -- "Strata" (blue/white) (Sold and shipped)
Large irregularly shaped flattened-oval glass beads, in stripey layers of translucent cobalt blue and opaque white, on steel/silvertone findings. All beads are approximately 1/2 inch/1 cm long and 3/8 inch/8 cm wide.

Contact: LiveJournal messaging via profile page

Minimum Bid: $5 USD

Buy It Now: $15 USD

Please remember that these prices are for ONE individual charm of your choosing, and make sure to note the number, name, and/or color of the charm you want somewhere in your bid comment! You're more than welcome to bid on multiple zipper pulls, but to make it easier to keep track of things, please post a separate comment for each one.

Delivery: Will be mailed at auction's end, as soon as you send me shipping info. I'm happy to ship outside of the US, but please consider the greater cost of international shipping when bidding...

Your zipper pull will be sent in a cloth gift pouch; if you'd like this to arrive ready for gift-giving, I'll be happy to put it in a ribbon-tied gift box for a small extra fee -- just let me know the occasion/color scheme you'd like the packaging to suit! Also, if you'd like to use it as a phone charm, I can include a basic phone strap with goldtone or silvertone findings for a small extra charge.

[         ]  is a badass

Offered: Misc Services-- SOLD

OFFER: About two years ago, telophase was reading a book on sexual life in ancient China. However, although the book was of fairly recent vintage (mid-1960s, I believe), the author followed the old-fashioned practice of putting any material which might be considered explicit into Latin, because as we all know every adult over the age of twenty-one is fluent in Latin and no one under the age of consent has ever studied it.

This includes Latinization of a sex manual from the Sui Dynasty, in which all of the names of various techniques have been rendered in English and all the descriptions haven't. And I, selflessly, in the interest of scholarly good, literary clarity, annoyance at prudery and better Saiyuki fanfic, decided to translate it.

You can find my translations here, if you're curious about what might be involved in such actions as Phoenix Holding Its Chicken, Wailing Monkey Embracing A Tree, or Reversed Flying Swallows. However, I ran out of steam, and did not finish translating the entire list. The internet has had no opportunity to find out what the Sui Dynasty meant by Cat And Mouse In One Hole, Dark Cicada Cleaving To A Tree, or even Exposed Gills.

The winner of this auction, therefore, will receive: 1) a complete list, in English, of the Sui Dynasty sexual positions, with as much scholarly apparatus surrounding the translation as you would like, and a transcription of the accompanying Latin if you wish; 2) a copy of a photo of the relevant pages of the book involved, blown up to readable size, so that you can see the context and that the list is complete; and 3) the right to put my translations up on your website or blog, or to use them in fiction or fanfiction or in other ways we may discuss, understanding that this leaves me the right to do likewise and that use of the original Latin or other portions of the original book may be liable to copyright restrictions.

I will also upon sale of this item make a $5 dollar donation to Marriage Equality USA as a way of thanking telophase for providing the source material.

CONTACT: My email is in my userinfo.

DELIVERY: Via email, by Sept. 1st.


hello: i am a cupcake!

Offered:HP fanfic/ 4 drabbles or SPN comic/ fanfic

Offer: I am offering to write a fanfic between 3000 to 7000 words (give or take) within the Harry Potter fandom (or 4 drabbles if you really want them) OR illustrate a comic within the Supernatural fandom (or write a fanfic if you don't like comics). I usually write slash, but I can bend back for general stuff too. I don't really write femmeslash, but if you make a special request, I might make an exception.

For HP: I favor Harry/Draco, Dean/Seamus and Cedric/Oliver. However, I am capable of writing other pairings as well. I don't really write het, but again, I can make an exception. Pick an era, specify what you like and what the squicks are, and give me a scenario you would like to be included in the story. (If I have time, I might do a little cover art for you too.)

For SPN: Wincest (Sam/Dean), general and het are all fair game. If it helps, I particularly take interest in Dean/Layla or Sam/Sarah. I've only written a few works, but I assure you I know the show well enough to get into the characters' heads. Just give me a plot to run with and I'll do just that. For the comic, give me a season, your likes and dislikes and a scenario. Same goes for fic, if you choose it.

Please, no requests for watersports, bestiality, bloodplay, etc. I try to accomodate people's likes but I do have limitations, especially with ratings. I generally am willing to write all ratings, but I usually like to stick to R, though I can make an exception for NC-17. Artwork will only range up to R.

If would like to see my art style, check out my deviantART or go here to view one page of a comic I made for a friend.

For my fanfic collection, please check out Skyehawke or my fanfic page, though that page is not really that updated.

Contact: Through LJ messages or krissym1470 [at] hotmail [dot]com

Delivery: I'm going to say November 1 to play it safe. It might be earlier, depending on my timeline, but with negotiation, we can make it work. Drabbles and the comic will probably come earlier (Sept/October). Fanfics may come in later. All works will be commissioned and archived for my collections. They will also be either emailed or mailed to you directly, whichever you prefer.

Minimum bid: $10 SOLD

Buy it now for: $50
1d - so i can feel happier

Offered: Fanart, original art

Offer: I will draw manga-style fanart in the following fandoms:
*FullMetal Alchemist
*Hello!Project/Female J-Pop
*Ookiku Furikabutte
*Prince of Tennis
*Teen Titans cartoon
*High School Musical

I am also willing to draw OCs and manga-styled portraits (of you, a friend, a celebrity, etc.), as long as really good references pictures are included. I'll also include a short drabblefic about the picture if you would like.

I will draw gen, slash, het, and femslash up to a PG-13 rating. I can't draw porn for my life, but I can draw kissing, cuddling, nudity, pre-sex making out, etc. I won't do shota/loli. No non-con, or most kink- I can't drawing kink well beyond blindfolds and tying up the wrists. No furries- not only can I not draw animals beyond cute mascot things, I'm not into it. No mpreg, though I don't mind drawing pregnant women. I will do chibis. I will do incest, except for any that contradict other rules. I'm totally cool with RPS/RPFS- I actually love it! My restrictions, fandomwise:
*I will only draw animeverse for FMA and Gravitation. I'm a year behind in FMA, and I hate the Gravi manga.
*I refuse to draw Ed/anyone other than Roy or Hei for FMA (Though I will do any other pairing- yes, even Gluttony/Rose's baby, if you must)
*No Yankees for MLB other than the three young pitchers, Wong, Farnsworth, and Mussina. I'm a Red Sox and Mets fan ;P

Material wise, I tend to go traditional. I'm best with watercolors, though I'm willing to just do an ink outline drawing or colored pencil. I 99.9% of the time outline my drawings with a .005 point Sakura Micron pen. These pens are inexpensive and come in many colors, so you can choose what color you want me to ink the drawing in, or I will just choose what I think looks best. I don't mind doing computer coloring, but I'm not that good at it and you're probably better off asking me for traditional mediums.

As for a sample of my work, this is something that I just completed a half-hour ago:
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Contact: ichigoberry15 at gmail dot com

I will be away during the bidding time, so 1863_project will be in charge of bidding. She'll call me, so I'll know what's going on, but she'll be the one contacting you. I believe she'll be contacting you through LJ.

Delivery: I get home at the end of the month, so that's when I will start working in your piece. It should be ready by the end of the month.

Minimum bid: $15.

Buy It Now: $70.
MCU + Clint Colourful Shot Lined Up
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Offered: Fanart *SOLD*

Offered: Fanart

Offer: I will make a set of 25 icons and/or forum avatars (i.e. if you want smaller sizes 60x60 for AIM or 80x80 for forums, for example, I can do that).

If you'd like ME to pick out the caps/images to use, I'm offering the following fandoms: Supernatural, Charmed, Criminal Minds, Hex (S1 only), Stargate: Atlantis, Skins, Army Wives, 4400, Medium, NCIS, Veronica Mars, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, or basically anything I've iconned according to this list here (except for Life, Drive, and S2 of Heroes).

If YOU'd like to pick out the images/caps for me to use, I ask for caps of at least this quality, no lesser (i.e. no smaller or less clear images) or hi-res images. I will icon anything -- whether I know the source or not -- where you can get me at least 40 images except for live concert photos.

I'd also do a combination -- some from fandoms I know and some from images provided -- if you don't think you can find that many images you like.

If you'd like to sample my work, go to nihil_est or here and here (and all its sub-albums) for my absolute latest work. Here's a few icons [including the one I'm using to post] to give you an idea:

Contact: Loupsdeguerre on AIM or private message me through LJ! [You can send PM's through your inbox.]

Delivery: No later than August 10th.

Minimum bid: $5

Buy it now: $20
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Offered: Misc Services


Heard of fandomsecrets? It's a secret community much like ljsecret (only totally fandom based), and just broke 5k in the number of watchers. It's got people in it from probably every fandom you know (and some you haven't heard of). So here's the deal --

Got a fandom-based community or website you wish got some more attention? Well, want some advertising? Sign up here! I'll add it to the notes at the bottom of the next day's secret post, along with a short (like, one sentence) description of what the purpose of the community or website is. For example: "fandomsecrets - a community for anonymous fandom-based secrets." Easy, right?

Two things:

1. Note that if the list of comms gets too long (say 5+), I'm going to have to put it behind an LJ-cut; I can't really go spamming people's flists with so many lines of text. They'll see 'em when they click the cut to get to the secrets, though!

2. What types of links are eligible: any sort of fandom LJ community, any sort of fandom web forum, any LJ or forum roleplay, any fansite, any fanart gallery, any webcomic -- pretty much anything related to fandom goes. And just ask if you've got a site that you're not sure about.

Contact: technophile @ LJ.

Delivery: Very next day! (:

Buy It Now: $2! As many times as you want, but only once per link per day.

Offered: Fanfic Reading -- SOLD!

My offer is to read a Harry Potter fanfic created by you (said fic to be less than 10,000 words in length), aloud, and provide a computer file of said reading for you to post on your site, provided it is accompanied by a notice stating that I am the one doing the reading of the fic. (File format will most likely be a WAV or WMA file, depending on what I can get my computer to make. Depending on file sizes, the reading may be broken into several files, particularly if it is a longer fic.)

An example of my reading skills can be heard here, where I read aloud my own fic Puppy Pile. (The recording is my first usage of the audio recording software provided with Windows, and I had a few problems with the volume levels, so you'll notice a drop around 2/3 of the way through.)

Fic reading will be done by Labor Day (September 1) 2008, if not sooner. File(s) to be delivered either by email or by providing a link to where the file(s) can be downloaded.

Minimum bid = $10

Buy it now = $200 Bidding has started, so BIN is no longer available as an option, sorry.

SOLD to the_con_cept!
BONTEN is sleepy

**SOLD** Offer: layout services (again!)

People seem to want more LJ/IJ/design options, so here we go!

Offer: layout or graphic services: My stuff is at shifgrethor!

Layout or graphics services, choose one of the below! :3

A] Custom-designed layout for IJ/LJ, including profile coding, headers, 5 userpics, custom icons, first born children
B] Massive Icon Services: 300 icons instead of a layout, anyone?
C] Massive Image Clean-up: graphics maker yourself, but you don't want to clean up the background of your source pics? Send 'em to me and I'll get the job done.
D] Simple webpage design: have your own site? Want a better looking splash and navigation page?

Contact: Either PM me on LJ, email me at (karangunii AT gmail.com), or AIM me at raisecallfold.

Delivery: I will have your layout done by October 1st. Very likely sooner. :D Very much sooner.

Minimum bid: $2.

Buy It Now: $80.
a self portrait

Offered: Remus/Sirius art - Rated PG

Up for bids:

My entry for "rs_games".

That's right, I submitted artwork to RS_games, and people liked it, and now someone can own it.

Finished artwork will be matted and mailed out in a large envelope. Art size is approximately 12x15? Something like that.

Here's the artwork promised. :D

Watercolor on cotton paper.
"One Sanctuary"
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extra - pearls

Offered: Jewelry

Offer: A custom-made wordspell piece (necklace, bracelet, keychain, etc), as seen here, in your choice of metal (nickel-silver, copper, or brass), with charm or accent bead, and up to two tags. Wordspell pieces feature custom cut, stamped, and distressed metal 'tags' with words, names, even numbers or phrases on them! They make a very unique and distinct statement about the wearer! Each handmade creation will be completely one-of-a-kind!

Contact: jewelry@charmedseed.net

Delivery: Between 6-8 weeks after order is placed.

Minimum bid: $30

Buy It Now: $100

EXTRA: Order anything from the Charmedseed Jewelry website and mention 'livelongnmary' the comments during payment and I'll donate 10% of your purchase to the cause!
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Offered: Fanart

OFFER: Chibi drawings of characters of your choice.

Same deal as above: anything goes, as long as you provide references. Full-body, flat-colored. I can draw them with or without cutesy animal features, whichever you like. You'll get a high-resolution version of the picture, and icons of them, if you want.

I'm willing to do a few, but on the rare chance that I get more than a handful of demands for this one, I may cut it off. [ 10 so far ]

Examples: [ five examples, flat-colored, cat-features ]

Delivery: August 20, at the very latest.

Buy It Now: $7 each

Contact: databomb @ livejournal, or miruvix[@]gmail[.]com
My website and DeviantArt gallery are [ PSYCHEdelico.net ] and [ miruvix@DA ], respectively, if anyone wants to see more random artwork.
Goblin Castle - Labyrinth

Offered: Fanfic or Original

Offer: I will write fanfic or an original story of no less than 1000 words in the following fandoms: Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, Transformers (2007 movie, Beast Wars, Animated), Star Trek (TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager), The Phantom of the Opera, Smallville. Any pairings, any ratings.

Samples of my writing can be found here.

Contact: My email is in my username (at) gmail (dot) com

Delivery: I will have your story written by September 1. If you wish, I can even have it ready for you at an earlier date. Please tell me if you'd like to receive your story via e-mail, printed on paper or posted to a place you specify.

Minimum bid: $2.

Buy It Now: $25.

Edit: One story has already found a buyer. I am open to write at least four other stories.
Edit 2: Three stories sold, two are still open.
electrosonic delia

Offered: Custom Character Toy (third offer)

Since we can still make offers, here's another chance for a custom crocheted character toy! It's for a good cause, after all, and hey -- I have the free time for the making!

Offer: A stuffed character toy from the Harry Potter series. The character of your choice will be hand-crocheted by me from your choice of materials and custom-decorated in costume and appearance, including accessories where applicable (please note that any design incorporating buttons, beads or other small objects would not be appropriate for very young children). Always wanted a stuffed Snape to cuddle? Need a little Mad-Eye to watch over your house? Want your cat to have a toy Buckbeak to bat around? Here's your chance!

For examples of a Lupin-wolf character toy, click here or here. Other examples of my handwork can be seen at jules-noctambule.deviantart.com.

Contact: julescrafts (at) gmail (dot) com.

Delivery: I will have your character toy ready no later than one month after I have received your custom specifications.

Minimum bid: $20.

Buy It Now: $75.

Offered: Fanfic

Offer: I will write fanfic of no less than 1000 (probably roughly 1500) words or poetry of no less then a 75 words in the following fandoms: Phoenix Wright/Gyakuten Saiban, RENT, or Bleach. My fandom list is small. :( I will write any of the following pairings in whatever kind of fic you'd like (angst, fluff, smut, etc.): Kristoph/Klavier, Kristoph/Phoenix, Kristoph/Apollo, Apollo/Klavier, and Phoenix/Edgeworth for Phoenix Wright, Aizen/Gin, Gin/Kira, Aizen/Momo for Bleach, and Mark/Roger, Roger/April, Collins/Angel for Rent. If you do NOT see your pairing here, contact me through AIM (on my userinfo) and I'll give you a Y/N verdict. I will write any rating from G to NC-17. I will write ONE OF EACH FANDOM. Rentheads do not have to bid against Bleachtards.

Contact: on my userinfo.

Delivery: I will finish somewhere between September and October 1st. The default is October 1st, but if you want it earlier, all you have to do is ask. :D

Minimum bid: $5.

Buy It Now: $50.

Offered: Beta

(Too make things earlier, I'll post my three separate offers in different posts. :D)

Offer: I will beta a fic of any size or any fandom. My preferred fandoms are RENT, Bleach, The Matrix, and Phoenix Wright, in which I will be able to provide help with characterization, but EVERY fic needs help with grammar and all that sort of junk. I will also beta original works. If this is a multi-chaptered fic that you are in the process of writing, I will stay with you till the fic ends, up to ONE YEAR. I try not to be too harsh with my criticism, but if you can't punctuation quotations correctly, I may flip out just a little in the beginning.

Contact: on my userinfo.

Delivery: Depending on the length of the fic. I will give you an estimate when you give me the length of your fic. If the fic is ongoing, up to one year.

Minimum bid: $6 (for familiar fandoms/original works) $8 (for unfamiliar fandoms)

Buy It Now: $40/$50. (bidding has started - yay!)

Offer: power-levelling

Offer: I have two level seventy world of warcraft characters. I will run you though any level 50+ instance and below, as many times as you want in three hours. My level 70 mage (gear) is on EREDAR, and I will not transfer with. However, my level 70 warlock is on THORIUM BROTHERHOOD (gear), and I will do ONE TRANSFER with her. Transfer cost included.

Contact: on my userinfo.

Delivery: At a time convenient for you, provided I'm not working. Sundays are best.

Minimum bid: $8 ($8+$25, if you want a server transfer - $33)

Buy It Now: $35

Offer: Cross Stitch

What I offer:
I will make one cross stitched bear from the book 101 Bears with Personality. I will cross stitch onto plain white cross stitch fabric. I can personalize it with a name along the top or bottom in a few different styles. The bears themselves are between 4 and 5 inches tall and 3 to 5 inches wide.

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I am offering four of these.

Contact: Through LJ or email me at hasonphreek@gmail.com

Delivery: I will mail it by August 15 (probably a lot sooner). I will send to anywhere in the world.

Minimum Bid: $5

Buy It Now: $25

Edited to add details on size. And again because I managed to miss about 20 bears from the list.
me and ayden

Offered: Yu Yu Hakusho playing cards

Offer: One deck of Yu Yu Hakusho playing cards in a plastic case. The backs of the cards feature Yusuke, Kurama, Hiei, Kuwabara and Genkai. Each card face has a different image. The deck is used and the clear case is in okay condition. The top is cracked, but still functional. Some of the cards are a bit worn, but still fairly good condition.

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Minimum bid: $5.

Delivery: Shipping will be made by Canada Post within one week of confirmation of your donation.

Contact: blake.allykat@gmail.com

Offered: Fanfic

Offer: I will write fanfic of over 1000 words in the following fandoms:

- Blake's 7
- Star Trek:TOS
- Star Trek: TNG
- Babylon 5
- Farscape
- Quantum Leap
- The Marlow novels by Antonia Forest

I usually write gen, but will write any pairing requested. I don't write explicit or underage sex, incest, noncon, graphic violence or torture.

If you'd like another fandom, ask me if I know it well enough to write in it.

If you'd like to check the quality of my writing, you can find my Blake's 7 fiction here.

Contact: My email is my LJ ID at gmail dot com.

Delivery: 30 September or earlier.

Minimum bid: $10.

Buy It Now: $50.

Butch Walker: Emo

Offered: Fanfic

Offer: I will write a one-shot fanfic of at least 1500 words, using a prompt that you give me, in any of the following fandoms:

Harry Potter (books): Specializing in Remus gen, Remus/Tonks, and Remus/Sirius. Will write most other characters, but please contact me first for non-Remus-centric fic. You can see examples of my work at FictionAlley.

Dexter (TV): Specializing in first-person fics from Dexter's point of view, but willing to explore other types of stories. You can see examples of my work here.

Doctor Who (TV, 2005+): Most of my work is Tenth Doctor-centric, but I'm willing to try out pretty much anything. All Who-fics I've written live over here.

Firefly (TV): I like Mal the best, but I'm willing to try almost anything! For non-canon pairings, please contact me first. My meager collection of Firefly fic is here.

Phantom of the Opera (Kay-verse, Leroux-verse, musicalverse): I prefer Erik/Christine and Erik/Nadir. Check out existing fic here.

I am willing to write both violence and sexuality, but will not write NC-17 or explicit kinks beyond light bondage. When bidding, please specify the fandom! Thanks!

Contact: PiratePerian [at] gmail [dot] com.

Delivery: I will have your story written by September 1.

Minimum bid: $5.

Buy It Now: $40.
【 STOCK 】❤ all up in smoke
  • garrus

Offered: Manga/Comic Coloring

Offer: I will color up to three manga pages OR do up to 25 icons. While the icons don't have to be manga coloring, that's sort of what I excel in, haha. I will color any sort of manga or comic (or lineart, really), I just ask that you provide color references if I'm not familiar with the subject.

Collapse )

Keep in mind that all these finished results come from something that was originally black and white.

Contact: My email is lorelei[@]renaistre[.]net without the brackets. My graphics journal is robotsex (it's shared, so look through the icons by telecast tag) if you want to see more.

Delivery: I will have your 25 icons or three items done by about August or September, assuming that the things aren't too complex. (it's fine if they are, it'll just take longer)

Minimum bid: $5
endless sky

Offer: Care Packages from the Azores

Offered: I love sending surprise packages to people with things I think they'll enjoy. If you win this auction, I will send you four care packages spread out over the next year. The care packages will contain a selection of souvenirs from various places I'll be traveling to or through along with items tailored to your interests. I will also send 6 postcards with random information about the area.

Possible items could include but are not limited to a crocheted themed IPOD cozy, painted tiles from the Azores, local recipes, beaded jewelry, local music, or fandom related items. The higher the bidding the fancier the care packages will be.

If you have important dates such as birthdays or holidays that you would like to receive the packages around on please let me know.

Contact: book_baby at hotmail dot com

Delivery: The first package will be mailed out by Sept 1st

Min bid: $25
Spring Tree

Offered: Resume writing and counseling

Offer: I will help you with your resume and cover letter, including discussing with you your experience and your target job(s). I can suggest various formats and wording that will best showcase your talents and experience. I will also, if you wish, format and edit your final product. We can work over email, chat, or voice if you'd like to phone me.

Contact: treewishes at gmail

Delivery: I can work with you on your schedule. My turnaround will be within a week (except for a week around the end of August and another at the end of December.) I expect all transactions will be done by the end of 2008.

Up to three winners are possible, depending on bidding, of course. :)

Minimum bid: $10.

Buy It Now: $150.
me chicago
  • klages

Offered: ARC of White Sands, Red Menace - Klages

Offer: A signed copy of the Advance Uncorrected Proof edition of my new novel, White Sands, Red Menace, the sequel to The Green Glass Sea, the further adventures of Dewey and Suze.  It won't be available in bookstores until October.

It's 1946 -- the war is over, and the future is about to happen.

Use "Contact me" button on my website, www.ellenklages.com

Delivery: Book will be mailed to you after the auction ends.

Minimum Bid: $25 Current high bid: $50

(July 9th. I'll try and keep it updated...)
Butch Walker: Emo

Offered: Critique

Offer: I will provide a thorough critique of up to 20,000 words of an original novel, focusing on your set-up, story arc, characterizations, and overall appeal of story in context of the current publishing market. (Line-editing and copyediting not included.)

Qualifications: I work for a major New York literary agency, where much of my job is reading and evaluating full and partial manuscripts by both current and prospective clients. I also do freelance editorial work for unpublished authors. My specialties are fantasy, soft sci-fi, mystery/thriller, women's fiction, literary fiction, young adult, and middle grade.

Contact: PiratePerian [at] gmail [dot] com.

Delivery: I will have a 2-3 page editorial letter to you within two weeks of receiving your materials. Exceptions must be made for family crises (unlikely) and apocalypses (slightly more likely).

Minimum bid: $15.

Buy It Now: $60.
...Hermione bookish, Writing Woe, ...Mione, Writing, Bookish
  • lore

Offered: Feedback (fic or art)

Offer: I will read up to 5 pieces or 50,000 words of your posted Harry Potter fic and leave an in-depth comment - including general impressions, likes and nicely worded dislikes (if any), and/or introspection and speculation on the plot - in an equal ratio to the word-count of the piece. OR, if you are an artist, I will view up to 5 pieces of your work and leave detailed feedback.

(For example for writers, a drabble might receive a general reaction and some comment on a part I thought was done well. A novel-length fic would receive a Very Long Comment indeed, or comments on each chapter, depending on how it was posted)

Feedback will not include beta or nit-picking. If there are consistent errors throughout, I might comment on whether I could read through problems or had a hard time with them, but that would be all I'd have to say about it.

I will read/view: Any rating, any pairing

I will not read/view: Scat, necrophilia, vomit, consumption of anything from a body (human or animal) other than ejaculates and piss, NONSTOP violence, NONSTOP misery. No novel-lengths of extreme violence, rape, character death, torture, angst, etc. Shorter pieces only for those subjects. Basically, don't torture me with overwhelming degrees of woe and grossness, and I think you'll find me quite flexible.

Contact: My email is in my user info.

Delivery: I will read/view and comment by September 30. You can add art or a story of 10,000 words or less (but within the 50,000 total) up to September 1.

Minimum bid: $20. I will offer this x 2, so the two highest bidders will win. Sold to kaalee and snapelike for a total of $45.

love, lore

Offered: custom spun yarn

The basics: I have a spinning wheel. I am prepared to use this spinning wheel in support of such a wonderful cause, to turn up to $35 worth of the fiber of your choice into yarn of the structure of your choice.

The details: You tell me what fiber you want, up to $35 dollars in value (www.thewoolery.com will give you a good idea of what that will give you, but you can use any vendor you like). I will purchase said fiber -- or you will send it to me, if applicable -- and then I will spin it for you into a yarn that meets your needs, within the limits that particular fiber (i.e., cashmere just doesn't do bulky one-ply). I don't have much experience with really fancy novelty stuff, but otherwise I'm fine with different weights, plies, cabled yarns, etc. I'm best with moderately fine, fluffy-sock type yarns.

I can do cotton, silk top, and any mammal fiber, though I'd prefer wool blends of ultra-fine things like cashmere or yak, otherwise it's going to take forever. I have never tried to spin flax, though I'd be delighted to learn if you're willing to risk somewhat inconsistent results. If you are lucky enough to have a fiber animal, or can otherwise acquire fuzz straight from the critter, I can clean and card raw fleece. I'm happy to do interesting color or fiber blending with carding, though I don't have the facilities to dye stuff myself except the microwave-KoolAid trick.

We can work out the details of the yarn through email and then I'll spin a sample to send to you so that we're on the same page. I will give you a deadline once I know how "fast" of a yarn this will be, but I think I can safely say that you'll have it in hand by the end of this calendar year.

Contact: sarahh AT sccs DOT swarthmore DOT edu (Sarah)

Minimum bid: $5
Default | Storm

Offered: Neopoints

Offer: 1,000,000 (one million) Neopoints for the Neopets.com game, to be traded to your account for a junk item. I've played the game for ages and would love a chance to do a bit of good with my accumulated "wealth".

Contact: My e-mail is in my profile. Also available on AIM as eponymousrose, or on Neopets as kageken.

Delivery: Immediately if you pick the BIN option - otherwise, immediately after the close of bidding.

Minimum bid: $15

Buy it now: $50

(I have enough Neopoints to do this five times - there are thus five lots of 1,000,000 NP to bid on. Please mention which of the five you are bidding on. If you exceed the Buy It Now price, I will tack on a couple of unbuyable items (i.e. with values exceeding 100,000 NP).)
Cybermen are bringing sexy back.
  • livii

Offered: Fanfic *SOLD*

Offer: I will write fanfic, to spec, of at least 1000 words in the Doctor Who fandom: any television or Big Finish continuity (not the EDAs, sorry; I can do a handful of PDAs, ask if that's what you want). If I haven't seen or heard necessary episodes to write what you want, I'll do the research. Any pairing or gen, my only limits are incest, adultery, and rape/non-con; will write any rating. You can give me as much or as little direction as you want, re: plot, characters, rating, style, etc.

99% of my DW fic can be found here, if you want an idea of what I usually do; I'm happy to work outside my normal style, however. My specialties, for reference, are shortfic and a willingness to write almost any pairing, no matter how strange.

Contact: alivii at gmail dot com

Delivery: By October 31st.

Minimum bid: $5.

Buy It Now: $30.
canon since 1966, walking off into the sunset, beginning of a beautiful friendship

Offered: Fanfic

Offer: I will write fanfic of at least 1000 words or more to specification for the Doctor Who fandom: any television or Big Finish continuity. (Sorry, I can't do NAs/EDAs due to lack of exposure.) If I haven't seen or heard necessary episodes to write what you want me to write I'll do the research. I will write any pairings or gen; will write to any rating as well. (If you end up wanting pr0n, be warned that I won't do the really squicky stuff.) You can give me as much direction as you want regarding plot, characters, rating, style, et cetera.

Most of my Whofic is here if you need a reference as to my usual sort of thing, though I am willing to work outside my normal style. (For reference, I generally specialize in shortfic and weird premises.)

Contact: biichan at livejournal dot com

Delivery: By November

Minimum bid: $5.

Buy It Now: $30
guy gardner/thumbs up!

Offer: 100 page journal of fic/art/collage/poetry/yay!

Offer: A 50-100 page journal, handwritten, with collage and doodling. My art fu is mild, but I do doodle, and do stick figures (funny ones. Have to have the funny.). My collage work is better. I will fill the book with fic, drabbles, art, poetry, experimental form fic, quotage, recipes (in character, you know), collage, etc etc etc. I guarantee one of the stories will be over 2000 words. In addition, I will scan said book in and send you the scans on disk when I send the book.

Fandoms: I will do the book as Highlander only, OR I will do any and all fandoms listed here. You need only tell me what fandoms you like/want (Please pick 5 or 6 if you choose this option). There are several other fandoms not listed there, and if you have a special request and I'm familiar with it, I'll try to work it in. I also like to do crossovers. And should this be a help, I really have a love on for Twin Peaks right now.

Caveat: I don't do smut very well, so I cannot fill it with sex scenes and pervy art. Sorry. And of course, you may specify your favorite characters etc etc etc. In addition, if you permit, I may share said fic in my lj well after you receive it. If you would prefer to keep it to yourself, then that is your decision and I will honor it.

Contact: amandr at gmail dot com.

Date of Arrival: By November. 100 pages take time!

Minimum Bid: $10

Reference work: My fic in my memories, Crack Art Sample (I can do it much cleaner than that), Sample of alternate poetry form collage

Okay. Done now.

Edit: I have purchased the notebook, a Cahier Moleskine X-Large. Details here. It has 120 pages, but the last 16 are detachable. I will probably be detaching them. Also, it is college lined,and from experience, I know that for readability I should write every other line. I just don't want you to think I'm going to fill120 pages college riled. More like 100pages wide ruled.
text - fuck logic, boosh - fuck logic

Offered: fanart or original art

Offered: fanart or original art

Offer: I will create one peice of 2-D or 3-D art no less than 10"x10" in natural media, no higher than PG-13 in rating. If requesting characters/people as the subject of the piece, I will do up to two characters maximum. I will do original art or fan art (you will provide me with as much detail as possible about what you want, especially if I am working with original characters). In fandoms tv/movie fandoms, I will do my best to make the characters resemble the actors, though I may lean towards caricature. In fandoms without actor representation (yes, I include HP in this, as the books are canon to me), I will work with your ideals as well as my own, and am willing to look at pics of actors if you want characters to resemble a specific PB. A few examples of previous artwork are here, both fandom and original.

3-D: My strength is sculpture, clay/plaster/etc. I will choose which media I will use at my discretion based on what will work best with your prompt. Your piece will be left "natural" (no painting or glazing, etc). I have done busts and character studies. I have not yet tried pairings, but have always wanted to.

2-D: I will do a fandom "imitation" of any other one or two character piece of art you like (example: this piece of Snape/Lupin art is an imitation of Tamara de Lempicka's Printemps - you will need to provide me with a good quality version of the original piece, either a link or file emailed to me). I will use pencil, charcoal, conte or other similar media. It will be black and white.

Fandoms: Harry Potter, Criminal Minds, Spaced, or original art. In CM: Morgan/Reid is my OTP, though I'm willing to try any m/m pairing, preferably Reid slash. In HP: My OTPs are Severus/Remus and Remus/Peter, but I'm open for other suggestions, m/m only. I will not sculpt/draw Sirius. Either canon-era adults or MWPP please (i.e. no trio or canon-era students, though I will make an exception for certain Neville pairings. Please ask before bidding about the pairing if you want Neville slash/het, as I am choosy about which "kids" I can sculpt/draw.) In Spaced: m/m slash please.

Contact: severity.s@gmail.com

Delivery: I will have your art finished no later than November 30. You will receive a digital copy of it as soon as it is done (either a photograph, or a scan in the case of 2-D art, if I have a functioning scanner by then. I will likely also post unlocked progress pics in my journal, especially in the case of sculpture.) I will mail the original no later than December 31. Rights to the artwork remain mine, and I will post/publish at my own discretion after the artwork has been mailed to you. You will not repost my art anywhere without my permission.

Minimum bid: $20.

Buy It Now: $75.
  • khateh

Offered: misc. layout services

Offer: I will create a custom LJ layout for you. I've worked with Smooth Sailing, Bloggish and Flexible Squares, but I'm willing to work with something else if you want me to.

Example: I've done the layout for hd_fanart

I can look for images/graphics if you don't have them and we'll have to discuss as I work on the layout, to make sure it is what you want. Depending on how that goes, it might be ready sooner than October 1st.

Also, I'm ready to make versions for it (different color schemes/headers) and icons to match the header(s).

Contact: khateh@gmail.com

Delivery: October 1st the latest.

Minimum bid: $10.

Offer: Spanish (Navarran) themed care package

Offer: a care package containing 8 to 15 (or possibly more) items, all bought in Spain. This will be partly just-plain-Spanish themed, and partly focused on Navarra, a region in northern Spain with a distinct culture and a heavy Basque influence. Possible inclusions include souvenirs, nonperishable food items local to the region (Navarra is famous for its white asparagus, peppers and artichokes, among other things), items relating to San Fermines, probably better known as the Running of the Bulls, local crafts, football/soccer-related items, regional music (either modern or cultural), etc.

I will also include an explanation of why each item is included, its use and its cultural significance, where appropriate.

Contact: dreams.of.42 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Delivery: mailed before the end of July.

Minimum bid: $25.

Buy it now: $150.
HUGHES junshou

Offered: almost-eternal flow of facts + fics!

Clearly, I offer because I am insane.

Offered: I offer to set up a fandom journal for you and fill it up with 100 entries of your choosing (be it through prompts, random bits of inspiration, wishes for character development, desire for happytime fic or any other kind of fic) and include in each entry the following:

i) one ficbit! Of at least 400 words per entry!
ii) one factbit! Related to the fandom or ficbit in question, researched and inserted to make sure that your Fandom Experience is an Educational One (TM)!

I offer to finish the journal by the end of 2009, with startup immediately following the end of the bid. Think of it as a long term investment in which you purchase a crazy little slave that writes at least once a week for many, many, many weeks.

I offer the following fandoms:

Games/anime/manga: Baccano!, Cowboy Bebop, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, Fullmetal Alchemist, Ghost in the Shell, Gundam Wing, Junjou Romantica, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, Ouran High School Host Club, Prince of Tennis, Samurai Champloo, Sayuki (Reload, Gaiden), Wild Adaptor, Yakitate Japan!.

TV Shows (English): Stargate: Atlantis (up to Season 2 only, sorry!), House MD (season 3), Smallville (season 3).

TV Shows (Japanese): Tiger and Dragon, Kisarazu Cat's Eye

Graphic novels/books: American Gods, Ender's Game, Good Omens, Lord of the Rings/variants, Lucifer, Terry Pratchett, almost anything by Ursula K Le Guin (Earthsea excepted), L'Engel's Time Quartet, dare-I-say-Harry Potter (up till book 5).

Movies: The History Boys, Dead Poet's Society, Fight Club, Master and Commander, Ocean's 11/12/13, Pirates of the Carribean, RENT, Snatch, Star Wars.

Further fandoms/genres available on request (I may, for example, do RPS JE-stuff)! Mix the bag all you want. My current ficlist is here, but I really haven't been in fandom long enough to write too much or too widely yet. *BEAMS* I write mostly everything; I say mostly because maybe I'll one day find something that I don't. 8D

Contact: PM me on LJ, or email me at karangunii AT gmail.com

Minimum bid: $2

Buy It Now: $80

Offered: Fanfic

Offer: I will write you a fic of no less than 1000 words in any of the following fandoms: Saiyuki (manga-verse only), Wild Adapter, Weiss Kreuz (Kapitel, Gluhen, drama CDs, Side B... Any of it, really), Babylon 5, or any of Shakespeare's comedies. I'm happy to write any pairing (or lack thereof), any rating, and any situation. The only things I won't write are shota/pedophilia and incest, except in those cases where it's canon.

Contact: notapooka[at]gmail[dot]com

Delivery: I will have your story written by October 31.

Minimum Bid: $10 US

Offered: Handcrafted multi-strand necklace

Offer: One handcrafted multi-strand beaded necklace. Seven strands of beautiful colors including: purple, peach, maroon, yellow, brown and clear, as well as containing chips of semi-precious Rhodonite. 20 inches of classic style!  Can be twisted or straight.
Contact: my email is in my user info.
Delivery: I will ship your necklace within one week of auction close. The shipping method and transit time will be determined by your location.
Minimum Bid: $20.00
Saiyuki Gaiden: sakura of doom

SOLD: custom-made copper charm bracelet

Since my earlier bracelet offer got snapped up promptly as a Buy-It-Now, and I know there were a few other folks interested in the piece...here's a second chance!

Offer: I will work with you to design a charm bracelet on a base of solid copper chain and copper findings, your choice of clasp style, with bead dangles in glass, metal, wood, ceramic, small crystals, polymer clay, semi-precious stones, or other materials -- if you're interested in costlier items like gemstone beads, large crystals, etc., this can be negotiated for an extra fee. You can pick a favorite color scheme, give me a general theme to work with, or provide photos of a favorite garment or other piece of jewelry you'd like to coordinate this with. If your wrists are sized sufficiently small or large that the "average" ready-made bracelet sizes of 7-inch and 9-inch lengths don't fit you properly, I can make this to a custom length of your choosing, or else do a design that incorporates an extender chain that lets you adjust the fit. (This last option is a particularly good idea if you're buying this for a gift and are uncertain of the recipient's bracelet size.) Or if you prefer, I can even make this in anklet-length instead of bracelet-sized...

Click on the image links below for a few previous examples. While I will not try to exactly duplicate any of these designs, I'm willing to make pieces in similar color schemes or patterns. If you prefer something more delicate than these medium-to-heavy curb chain bases, I can also get copper chain in weights and link sizes comparable to these silvertone pieces.

Still photos don't really do charm bracelets justice -- they look even prettier in motion on the wrist than they do just lying there in the jewelry box. :)

My family has been doing beadwork for many generations, and I've been beading since I was a child, working in a range of different styles and techniques for over thirty years now. You can see a few other examples of my work by clicking my seller tag here, as well as my DA Gallery.

Contact: LiveJournal messaging via profile page

Minimum Bid: $10 USD

Buy It Now: $50 USD

Delivery: Will be completed and mailed within one month of finalizing your design specifications. It will probably be ready much faster than that, but I'm allowing plenty of "wiggle room" in case certain components need to be special ordered -- and the chain base in particular, if you want anything other than medium or heavy curb chain in 7" or 9" lengths, I will definitely need to order for custom lengths or link styles. Pricing is higher than my previous offer to allow for the extra time and expense involved in the design consult and acquiring new beads and components to suit your design choices, instead of just working with items already on hand. I'm happy to ship outside of the US, but please consider the greater cost of international shipping when bidding...

The bracelet will be sent in a cloth gift pouch; if you'd like this to arrive ready for gift-giving, I'll be happy to put it in a ribbon-tied gift box for a small extra fee -- just let me know the occasion/color scheme you'd like the packaging to suit!

Offered: Swimming lessons/coaching (long-distance)

Offer: I will advise you on either how to swim yourself or how to teach a third party (child, etc) -- your choice! Maybe you want your child(ren) to learn to swim, to learn yourself, to prepare for a triathlon, or for your family to be safer in the water. I have been teaching swimming since 2003, have been competing since 1992, and have five years' coaching experience. I have worked with all ages (toddler to adult) and abilities (non-swimmer to advanced) and have developed many techniques and teaching tools that work very well, in my experience. I am consistently booked for lessons where I work and am in high demand with families there. References and resume available upon request. My Red Cross Lifeguarding/CPR/AED/First Aid certifications are current, and I have held these titles since 2003.

I can correspond via email, IM or phone, depending on your preference. If you already know how to swim, I can also write workouts for you with tips on how to perform them effectively. I will correspond with you for a total of at least 5 hours, specific schedule to be determined by mutual convenience. My normal rate for this length of time, in-person, would be $150.

Contact: Azelma [dot] Roark [at] Gmail [dot] com. OR "EnjyJehan" (no quotes) on AIM.

Delivery: I will contact you no later than a week after you win the auction.

Minimum bid: $20
Pairing Whore Penguins

Offered: Harry Potter Fanfic (Selection of Daily Deviant Prompts and pairing for August): Sold!

I'm a member of the daily_deviant asylum/community at InsaneJournal. The prompts from which I must choose to write my August fic are:

1) Insufflation -- Blowing air into an orifice.
2) Pheromones
3) Relics -- Things that remind one of the past, and thus are arousing or a fetish in themselves. (Photographs, locks of hair, sweaty t-shirts, etc.)
4) Romantic marriage
- Alternative pairing (if you can't write/draw any of the kinks/themes): Melinda Bobbin/Argus Filch

Offer: After you email me a screencap of your donation receipt (with your personal details obscured, of course), I'll write my Daily Deviant fic with the prompts you select from the choices above, with your tastes in mind, and using the pairing you request. I will reserve all rights to my fic and will post it, with a dedication to you and mention of livelongnmarry, at Daily Deviant, in my journals, and at my archives. If you like, I will also mail you a hard copy of the fic.

Please note that Daily Deviant fics are, by design, NWS; the fic I write for you will be rated NC-17. The fic's length will be between 1500 and 5000 words.

Contact: Send me a private message from my profile page.

Delivery: 31 August (which is my posting date in the asylum/community)

Minimum bid: $10

Buy It Now: $100

I'm also offering up for auction a fic you design, my October Daily Deviant fic, and a completion date for GSM.
Pairing Whore Penguins

Offered: Harry Potter Fanfic (Selection of Daily Deviant Prompts and pairing for October): Sold!

I'm a member of the daily_deviant asylum/community at InsaneJournal. The prompts from which I must choose to write my October fic are:

1) Adultery
2) Anal plugs
3) Lactaphilia -- Arousal by lactating breasts. (This could include drinking the milk, or the pleasure of having someone drink from you.)
4) Piercing
- Alternative pairing (if you can't write/draw any of the kinks/themes): Duke Kirley/Kingsley Shacklebolt

Offer: After you email me a screencap of your donation receipt (with your personal details obscured, of course), I'll write my Daily Deviant fic with the prompts you select from the choices above, with your tastes in mind, and using the pairing you request. I will reserve all rights to my fic and will post it, with a dedication to you and mention of livelongnmarry, at Daily Deviant, in my journals, and at my archives. If you like, I will also mail you a hard copy of the fic.

Please note that Daily Deviant fics are, by design, NWS; the fic I write for you will be rated NC-17. The fic's length will be between 1500 and 5000 words.

Contact: Send me a private message from my profile page.

Delivery: 31 October (which is my posting date in the asylum/community)

Minimum bid: $10

Buy It Now: $100

I'm also offering up for auction a fic you design, my August Daily Deviant fic, and a completion date for GSM.

Offered: Erotic Science Fiction Short Story Collections from Circlet Press

Circlet Press, founded in 1992, is the first press dedicated to publishing original erotic science fiction and fantasy stories. Our collections include stories with gay, straight, and bi characters, as well as a few 'none of the above.' We are pleased to offer a package of three books, The Velderet, Best Fantastic Erotica, and Erotic Fantastic, each autographed, with a combined retail value $55.

Contact: lpb@linnaean.org

Minimum bid: $20

Buy it now: $60

Delivery: We will ship your books within one week of auction close. The shipping method and transit time will be determined by your location.

Offer: Translation

What I offer:
I will translate a text of your choice, (fan)fic or other (though preferrably not school-related ;) ) to and from the following languages:
English to German and vice versa
French to German and vice versa
French to English and vice versa

Contanct info is in my journal.

Minimum bids:
English/German: 15$
French/German: 20$
English/French: 25$

I will do about 30.000 words (If your work is considerably longer, we can talk about making a second bid for the rest). If your work is shorter than that, you can choose several texts that round and about add up to this length. 
Second Class - Asche

Offered: Jewelry

Offer:                I am offering 5 separate auctions of necklaces for ball jointed dolls.  You get to choose the length, colour themes, shapes, and charm.  Fastener is a silver crab claw and soldered ring.

Collapse )

AFB:                 One human sized necklace of similar construction.  Winner chooses length, colour theme, shapes, and charm pendant (if any).  Let me know if you have any metal allergies.

Collapse )

Contact:             Shirou Korofel on AIM or korofel at gmail dot com

Delivery:             Winner(s) will receive necklace(s) by August 30.

Minimum Bid:    BJD Necklaces: $3, Human Necklace: $10

Buy it Now:         BJD Necklaces: $15, Human Necklace: $50

Please specify which slot you are bidding on:
bloodied_eden - $3
Doll2: cowgirlnm_1 - $5
Doll3: cowgirlnm_1 - $5
Doll4: cowgirlnm_1 - $5
Doll5: (high bidder)
Human: heeroluva - $15

Offered: Hand-Knit Devil Horn or Kitty Ear Headband

Offer: I will knit you a ribbed headband like the one in the picture below, with your choice of devil horns or kitty ears.

The headband can be made anywhere from 2" to 5" wide at the top, with your choice of button or tie closure, or one circular piece for sliding on. Available yarn colors are the red pictured, bubblegum pink, pale yellow, and pumpkin orange.

Contact: notapooka[at]gmail[dot]com

Delivery: I will have your headband finished and in the mail by October 1.

Minimum Bid: $15
AR cuddle

Offered: Fanfic

Offer: I will write fanfic of no less than 1000 words for Battlestar Galactica (2003). Any character, any pairing, though my speciality is Adama/Roslin and Adama/Roslin/Cottle. I can write any rating. I run the AR MOL and the Cottle MOL over at adama_roslin and thesmokingdoc respectively so I know my fandom pretty well. I am not soured by kink or taboos.

Contact: deepforestowl AT gmail DOT com

Delivery: I'll have it written by Sept 1st, probably sooner.

Minimum Bid: $10
BPAL - Testing
  • lore

Offered: Perfume Oils (BPAL of the Month)

Offer: Once a month for 12 months, I will send you a small package of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab oils and related stores' (BP Trading Post, Twilight Alchemy Lab) oils and paraphernalia.

From the site:
"With the exception of our honey products, BPAL perfumes are vegan. Our 'civet' and 'ambergris' are bouquets, and thus, are composite scents created from plant-derived perfume oils combined to best approximate the scent. Black Phoenix is entirely cruelty-free, as our four dogs, many fish, and resident cat will attest."

Perfume oils contain from 15-80% perfume oil, the most perfume oil of any scent product from Eau fraiche to "perfume" itself. As someone allergic to alcohol, I find the BPAL line one of the few I can use consistently.

Collapse )

Contact: My email is in my user info.

Delivery: Once a month for 12 months. Winning bidder determines the start month.

Minimum bid: $120 - I know it's high, but that's really $10/month to start, and a 6-pack of imps from the Lab are $19.00. Packages will be worth far more than $10. If you want to purchase this for someone else and gift it to them, that's fine with me, as are multiple pay-ers for one person, as long as total receipts equal the final bid. Sold to heeroluva for $190 and an extra single month to eldritchhobbit for $16.

love, lore
lady on a horse

Offered: Fanfic

Offer: I will write fanfic of no less than 3,000 words in the Harry Potter fandom. I am willing to do het and m/m slash pairings; if you have a gen bunny you think I might be able to write, please contact me before bidding. I generally lean towards the angstier side of things and have no problems going down the darkfic route, including adultery, bloodplay, breathplay, incest, dub-con/non-con, violence and character death. Characters I'm most comfortable with include: Remus, Severus, Sirius, Bellatrix and Narcissa, whom you can request to be paired with anyone to the exception of the below. Again, if you have any other plotbunny floating around (e.g. including Lucius, Regulus, Bill, Charlie, Harry, Hermione, Tonks...), don't hesitate to contact me! I'm willing to try my hand at most anything.

I will not write: Draco, Neville, Ron, Ginny. Major fandom pairings as the main pairing of the fic to the exclusion of Remus/Severus. Kink-wise: no bestiality, formal BDSM relationships, parent-child incest, golden showers, scat, necrophilia.

You will receive a copy of the story once it is finished via email, and two weeks later I will post to my IJ and my website. You agree not to post the text anywhere without my permission, although of course links to it are fine.

Contact: envinyatar15@yahoo.de

Delivery: I will have your story written by November 30.

Minimum bid: $5.

Buy It Now: $50.
atla - avatard

Offered: Fanfic

Offer: I will write fanfic of no less than 1000 words for Avatar: The Last Airbender or Mulan. Any characters, any pairings, het slash or gen, though I reserve the right to stay at a lower rating. You can look at my fanfic archive to see the kinds of fics I've written in the past -- usually Mai/Zuko, Jet/Zuko or Sokka/Zuko -- but I'm always happy to try something new!

Contact: ali_wildgoose [at] yahoo [dot] com

Delivery: I will have your story written by September 1st.

Minimum bid: $5.

Buy It Now: N/A
name poem

Offered: Original and/or Fannish Poetry

Headline: Offered: Poetry, original poetry

Offer: I will write a combination of four original or fannish poems to your reasonable specification. This could be as simple as a theme, or character/pairing. I'll also take into consideration requests for particular styles and forms. One of the poems can have a collage/art aspect as well. if the winner likes. Poems can be produced one per season, or to mutually agreed upon dates.

I write (mainly slash) in a variety of fandoms. My most prolific ones are SGA, Smallville, Sports Night, The O.C, Everwood, Due South. I've also written Northern Exposure, John Hughes Brat Pack movies (The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueler's Day Off), Rebel Without a Cause, Calvin and Hobbes, and others. My Tags are here so you can see the whole list. If you'd like something that isn't listed, please ask.l

Samples of my original poetry can be found here.

World Enough, and Time

The Very First Wives Club

"Triple Word Score" "The Way We Were" "The Day. The Week. The Year."

Collector Plates


Fannish poetry here:

Due South

Attention, Amazement, Announcement, Awakening :Due South

Two Due South Poems Reposted "Like Ruth" and "Everything in Season" Rated R/NC17

Apples, Oranges, Blood and Wine

Stargate Atlantis:

"Everything" (Haiku for each of the SGA_Flashfic themes)

The Awakening

Fannish Poetry, SGA, The O.C, Singing in the Rain, The Breakfast Club, Northern Exposure

Contact: Hyperfocused at aol dot com

Delivery: I will have your first poem written by September 1st.

Minimum bid: $10

Buy It Now: $50.
heinlein quote

Offered: Coaching Services

Offer: I offer my services as a NaNoWriMo cheering squad. I will be your personal word-count coach to make sure you get through all 50,000 agonizing words of your novel come November. I will friend you on MSN/AIM/Y!M, LJ/IJ/nano.org, and if you're comfortable enough, exchange mobile numbers (USA only) to chat.

Credentials: I'm 3 for 3 in Nanowrimo (the past three years), and I was ML for my region this past year and intend to do so again this year.

Contact: tresa.cho[at]gmail[dot]com

Delivery: We can start when the boards reset in October going over your plot (if you are developing one)

Minimum bid: $15

Buy It Now: $50

Offered: Fanfic or Original Fic

Offer: I will write fanfic of at least 1000 words or more to specification for any one of the following fandoms or original fic:

- the Doctor Who fandom: any television, Big Finish or EDA/NA continuity. (Sorry, I really don't know PDAs very well.) What I don't know I will research. I will write any pairings or gen; will write to any rating as well. (If you end up wanting smut, be advised that I'm not expert at writing it and don't particularly want to write the squicky stuff.) Feel free to give me as much direction as you want regarding plot, characters, rating, style, et cetera. Samples can be found at my journal. I generally am stronger writing shorter fics, and can handle "rare" and non-canonical pairings with gay abandon.

- the Torchwood fandom: any television continuity, any pairings or gen.

- the Horatio Hornblower fandom: bookverse only, since although I discovered the fandom through the TV series I'm mainly a books fan. Any bookverse pairings or gen.

- Original fiction: I've at least three interconnected 'verses of varying degrees of science-fictionality, with varying elements of urban dystopia, magical realism, cyberpunk, police procedural and space opera mixed in. If you bid on this one, let me know which element appeals to you the most. Any pairing type or gen.

Contact: brewster at brewsternorth dot net.

Delivery: I will have your story written by November.

Minimum bid: $5.

Buy It Now: $25.
  • neneno

Offered: art commission (fanart/original art)

Offer: I will draw a fanart or original art (rated as high as PG-13 only) in this style. I prefer to draw from KHR or Persona 3, but I'm willing to draw any characters from anime, manga, games, books, or your originals-- as long as I'm given good reference pictures. Full body-shot, and two characters maximum. (Three if the third is an animal or some sort of mascot without a complicated design)

Contact: lateby1minute[at]hotmail[dot]com

Delivery: It will be done by August 20th, 2008 at the latest.

Minimum bid: $10

Offer: lesbian erotica

Offer: My copies of Best Lesbian Erotica 2007, Best Lesbian Erotica 2008, Ultimate Lesbian Erotica 2006, The Whole Lesbian Sex Book, and one more book which I cannot find at the moment that will be located by the time I mail the books to you. Each of these books retailed at $14.95 or more, for a total retail price of about $70.

Contact: Livejournal PM, emailing my @ livejournal.com email address, leaving a comment here or in any of my public posts.

Delivery: By mail, the Saturday after the auction ends (this is the earliest I can get to a post office).

Minimum bid: $10

Buy It Now: $50
waiting, C's feet

offered: crochet, offered: cookies


Your choice of:

  • A scarf of soft fiber, probably microfiber, or winner's choice. Embellishments as desired--fringe, beads, bells (some do like them)--or none. Maximum 6ft long or 2ft wide (otherwise it would crush you!). Colors and materials will depend on availability, of course, but all accommodations will be made, dear bidder. Pattern, weight, colors, etc. will be finalized after winning.

  • A baby afghan, made from soft, lightweight baby yarn. These make perfect shower gifts for friends and family. Colors and general pattern (shell, ripple, bars, etc.) and winner's choice. A name or date can be embroidered if the pattern allows (i.e. non-lacy).

Please email if you have any questions about capabilities. (Allergy info: home is smoke-free, but not cat-free; item will be laundered.)

Minimum bid: $25 Current: $30


  • 1 batch of homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (approx. 2 dozen). These are wonderfully delicious substantial cookies. You can substitute raisins or any other chip (such as butterscotch) or get a mix of your favorites. Non-vegan, non-strict kosher (after all, god hates shrimp!). I can work around allergies. Please let me know of any special requirements, and I'll do my best. St. Louis, MO area can get them warm from the oven or personal delivery.

Minumum bid: $12 Current: $15

Contact info: riva (at) mightierthanswords (dot) com

Delivery: Cookies: No later than three weeks from donation confimation. Crochet: variable, depending on item and complexity.

Offered: tarot reading

Offer: A reading and in-depth write-up from my deck of Dakini tarot cards! I'll include images of the cards used (either as hypertext links to a gallery site or in the body of the email, your choice), a brief summary of the kind of spread I do, and a full reading. You can ask a particular question, get a non-specific reading instead (they've got a wicked sense of humour, I should warn you right now), or even get a reading for one of your characters, if you'd like!

Or, instead of the write-up, I can give you a live reading in a chat window (using the chat program of your choice - I've got AIM, MSN and yahoo available to use). My readings usually take about a half-hour, but can easily go longer!

Contact: My email is in my user info.

Delivery: By email (or Livejournal post, if you prefer), by August 1st (write-up version), or whenever we're both free, any time after July 15 (live version).

Minimum bid: $5.
  • lelek

Offered: Letters, Care Package

Offer: I'll be living in Japan for four months this year (September through December) and I will send the winning bidder one letter each month I'm abroad. We can discuss the sort of content you'd like in your letters (fandom, travel tips, Japanese lessons, random...) and each letter will come on nice stationary, probably decorated with interesting stamps and stickers and other fun things. Each letter will also include a little gift from Japan. If your birthday or a significant holiday you observe falls in one of those months, I'll send a special fifth letter for the occasion.

Contact: lelekia [at] gmail [dot] com and, on AIM, lelekia

Delivery: Four (or possibly five!) international snail mail deliveries over a period of four months. You can expect the first letter to arrive in early September.

Minimum Bid: $15.00

Buy It Now: $30.00


Offer: A care package from Seattle! The package will include a decorated journal filled with stories I'll write for you (the content of these stories to be discussed), as well as fun things like quotes and poems. Also in the box will be some things to brighten your day, largely Seattle-themed and based on your preferences - chocolate, coffee, tea, maybe a mix CD or a coffee mug, whatever I think you'd enjoy most.

For the stories, I write fanfic and original fiction. For fanfiction, I write in Harry Potter, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist and Yu-Gi-Oh, but I am open to trying other fandoms if I'm familiar with the canon. In general, I specialise in poetic prose, gen fic, slash (or yaoi) and character studies, but I will happily write outside of my normal comfort zone if you'd enjoy something completely different.

Contact: lelekia [at] gmail [dot] com and, on AIM, lelekia

Delivery: By mail no more than three weeks after we have a chance to discuss what sorts of things you like.

Minimum Bid: $15.00

Buy It Now: $30.00

SOLD! (to the awesome suonguyen <3)

Offered: original art prints

Offer:  I will donate a maximum of two larger size prints (16"x20") and four smaller prints (variety of sizes) of your choice. My prints store is here and you can choose whichever you like. All are my original art. Keep in mind that not all prints are available in the larger sizes. They'll be shipped to me first, so I can sign them if you like, or not. The prints come in a matte or luster finish (and I definitely prefer the matte), so you can choose that as well. The 'buy it now' prices are an excellent deal  ;)

Contact: my e-mail is bluefootedb [at] gmail [dot] com

Delivery: About three weeks from the time of order.

Minimum bid: $5.

Buy It Now: 16x20 = $25 (1 left!), smaller sizes = $10 (3 left!) 

Sold out! You guys are great :)  I'll update again if I don't hear from all the buyers a few days before the bidding deadline.

Offered: Translation of Japanese actor's blog

Offer: I will translate no fewer than two months of blog entries written by one Japanese actor who has acted in Tenimyu or who is a member of D-Boys. However, I will not translate the blog of someone whose blog is currently being translated by someone else. (If you get lucky and I come to really like translating your chosen actor's blog, I may even translate more than two months of entries, but no guarantees.)

I am currently translating Toyoda Yuuya's blog at maigo_no_egao here, if you'd like a sample of my translating.

Contact: karriasan at yahoo dot com, but feel free to comment on this post with any questions!

Delivery: I will translate the most current entries going week by week, starting with the first entry that is written on or after July 15th up through September 15th. The translations will be posted weekly on maigo_no_egao.

Minimum bid: $10
Blue Men

Offered: misc services, Offered: fanfic, Offered: Podfic

Offer: I will beta read/tear apart one (1) story of yours, fanfic or original fiction up to 100 pages double-spaced and of any rating. I do this for a professional author friend, and have essentially stopped doing this for fandom because I do not pull any punches. I am an English major, raised by a former English teacher. If you are new to writing or have a fragile ego, this is not the offer for you. I read for: Grammar, word usage, style, characterization, plot, thematic elements, punctuation, and spelling.

Fandoms I know well enough to do this: Harry Potter, Star Wars movies, Star Trek movies, Indiana Jones, Escaflowne, Supernatural, J2 (or related CWRPS), Farscape, Stargate: SG1 (I'm shaky on Atlantis facts but have people I can ask), CSI: Las Vegas, Chuck, Heroes, Highlander (Series and movies), Superman, Lord of the Rings movies... if there's something not listed, email me and ask. Please, no first drafts.

Contact: email me at obsessedone (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Delivery: If your story is short (20 pages or less), I can provide a live feedback session via Yahoo!IM or Google Chat within 1 week of receiving the file. For every 20 pages, please add 1 week to delivery time for written feedback. If your story is chaptered and you are eager for feedback, please provide a plot synopsis and I'll give you chapter by chapter feedback (not a good idea if you need pacing, flow or thematic help).

Minimum bid: $10

Offer: One piece of fan fiction, at least 1000 words. Available fandoms: Harry Potter, Supernatural, Heroes, Star Wars, J2, Stargate... well, see the above offer for a good listing. I do het, gen, slash, comedy, smut, romance, drama, pwp, angst, or pretty much anything else, and can write to any story rating. You provide the rating preference (if any), the fandom, the pairing (if any), and the prompt. Please, no requests for non-con, chan, blood play, water sports, scat, necrophilia, paedophilia. If you really, really want one of those, email me and we'll discuss it.

Contact: email me at obsessedone (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Delivery: by September 1, unless we agree otherwise (like if it's turning into an epic novel because your idea is just that good)

Minimum bid: $5

Offer: Podfic. I will turn one of your stories into an audiobook. Ideally it should be in a fandom I'm familiar with, but I'm flexible and willing to branch out or take original work to read. I have excellent diction and everything. No restrictions on content so long as it is your work I'm recording, or the original author gives verifiable permission to have their story recorded. Unless it's public domain, I'm not going to budge on this.

Contact: email me at obsessedone (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Delivery: 1 week for every 10,000 words of fic. I'll try for faster, but since I've got other offers up, I'm going to go for the conservative.

Minimum bid: $5

Offered: Tarot Reading

Offer: 1 hour of tarot reading, or until your questions are answered, whichever comes first. Ideally done over the phone, I can also read for you with just a chat window. Worst comes to worst, we could probably do it over email, but I don't think that would be such a hot idea.

Entertainment purposes only. Just because I believe in this stuff and have been practicing it for over 15 years does not mean anything is set in stone.

Contact: me at obsessedone (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Delivery: To be scheduled as soon as possible at mine and the winning bidder's convenience. Evenings and weekends are best for me.

Minimum bid: $5
Aabra Ka Daabra - tutu sparks

Today's No-Bids Recap Post!

Here's your daily post for you to advertise any offers that you think aren't getting the love they deserve! It's OK to repost anything from yesterday's post, if you want! Feel free to pimp other people's posts, not just your own! And I think there's some exclamation marks left in the world, so I shall try to use them up: !!!!!

ETA: Don't forget to report the sale price on this post so we can keep a running total! (almost $3000 reported so far!)

And before anyone asks, this icon is from the title menu of an amazing piece of Bollywood WTFery called Aabra Ka Daabra.
(Ats) make a stand
  • milly

Offered: French lessons

Offer:  I will provide french lessons via online tutoring, including:

- Email exchanges for written portions;
- Voice recordings (my own, so what will be recorded is what you choose) hosted on my personal server;
- Proof reading of any french text you might write;
- Reviewing of your own voice recordings (again, I will provide space on my private server to host those);
- Reading suggestions;
- Anecdotes about some words and some expressions. Because I'm a historian and therefore, have geeky love for anecdotes.

French is my native language and I've graduated from a master program in superior education, so these are the credentials I'm bringing to the table.

Lessons are offered for one year.

Contact: emilie.fiset (at) gmail.com

Delivery: Lessons start the moment you pay and email me. They end exactly one year after I reply.

Minimum bid: $20 (I know it's sort of high, but it's sort of a long-term commitment and I want to be sure it'll actually be worth it.)

Offered: Fanfic

Offered: Fanfic

Offer: I will write fanfic of no less than 1000 words in any of the following fandoms: Doctor Who (television canon), Life on Mars, Mighty Boosh, Sarah Jane Adventures, Supernatural, or Top Gear RPF.  I don't write actor RPF (no judgement, just lack of aptitude), and I don't write anything involving sex with characters under eighteen (although I'd happily write you a PG-rated romance), or scat.  I do write deathfic, any number of kinks, dubcon, non-con, and, as it's for charity, incest fic.   Beyond that, you may specify any character to include or exclude, pairing to include or exclude, or prompt.  I will do my sincere best to write the pairings in the manner specified as I understand it, but I don't promise to write any particular interpretation of the pairing, so if you're attached to fic presenting the pairing with a specific dynamic, take that under consideration.

Mad ideas welcome.

Contact: amy_wolf at livejournal.com

Delivery: I will have your story written by November 1 at the latest.

Minimum Bid: $5

Buy It Now: $100
Saiyuki Gaiden: sakura of doom

SOLD and SHIPPED: "Lazuli" beaded metal bookmark

Since my previous bookmark offers have been getting such a good response -- here's another one!

Offer: one handmade bead-embellished metal bookmark, in shades of bright metallic gold and rich cobalt blues. The wave-shaped metal bookmark finding is an unmarked shiny, hard gold metal -- judging by similar pieces in bead catalogs, I'm guessing it's probably either gold-plated steel or polished brass. It's about 6.25 inches/16 cm long -- short enough to fit in even a standard paperback, long enough to not look disproportionate with a hardcover. The beaded dangle is about 3 inches/7 cm long in total; there are two small faceted oval Czech glass beads, in opaque dark blue with a blue/purple iridescent finish; two round Czech glass beads in a translucent deep cobalt blue; one lampworked glass teardrop bead, deep translucent cobalt with a surface swirl of sparkling gold; and one round blue goldstone bead, an opaque deep blue filled with tiny sparkling coppery-gold flecks, all assembled on gold-plated steel findings.

Contact: LiveJournal messaging via profile page

Minimum Bid: $5 USD

Buy It Now: $20 USD

Delivery: Will be mailed at auction's end, as soon as you send me shipping info. I'm happy to ship outside of the US, but please consider the greater cost of international shipping when bidding...

If you'd like this to arrive ready for gift-giving, I'll be happy to put it in a ribbon-tied gift box for a small extra fee -- just let me know the occasion/color scheme you'd like the packaging to suit!

Please forgive the picture quality -- I'm having trouble getting a picture that's sharp enough without the flash, but using flash lights up the translucent beads in a misleading way. In normal lighting conditions, they don't seem nearly as bright -- instead they look more like a dark solid blue with only a subtle hint of a translucent glow. The second picture on the pink background, while a little out of focus, gives a better idea of the true color values. I'll try to see if I have better luck tomorrow taking a few more pictures in natural light...

Eeyore reads porn

Offered: Fanfic

Offer: I will write fanfic of no less than 1000 words and no greater than 10,000 words in the Harry Potter fandom. I will write any major characters (no "name-only" characters, please), any kinks. My only squicks are scat, necrophilia (anything with dead bodies, actually), and old-man hands. I will write slash, gen, het, or femslash (or all of the above). If you have an odd request and aren't sure if I can do it, feel free to contact me.

Contact: My email is eeyore9990 AT yahoo DOT com

Delivery: I will have your story written (and beta-read) by October 15th (three months from the close of bidding).

Minimum bid: $10.
a little magic

Offered: Fanart/original art

Offer: I will draw an A3 coloured pencil picture (possibly with markers as well) of any character or group of characters (no more than five). Preferred fandoms are Bleach, D.Gray-Man, A Song of Ice and Fire and Harry Potter, but I'm prepared to work in any fandom (though anime/manga is preferred) and to draw real people and original characters - if I'm not familiar with the characters I'll require a description and/or reference picture (email me for more details).
Give me a loose idea of poses you'd like, but be prepared to be flexible.
I'll do couples, but nothing above an R rating.

I'll email you the scanned art, and if you want, I'll post you the original piece as well.

Samples of the kind of thing you'd get: 1 2 3 4 5 6 (1 and 2 are bad photos because my scanner wasn't working at the time. Image quality would be more like the other samples)

(I'll probably have time (and postage money) for two good-quality drawings, so I'm offering 2 lots here)

Contact: clairepear@hotmail.co.uk

Delivery: Picture will be finished by the end of August at the very latest, almost certainly before that (if you want to see WIPs, ask in advance). I will mail the hard copy (if you want it) within a couple of days of finishing, but the time it will take to reach you depends on where you are.

Minimum Bid $10

Buy It Now $50
[Bakura] i see what you did there
  • lily22

Offered: Instant gratification (drabble requests)!

EDIT July 16, 2:48 AM: Please feel free to, you know, throw rocks at me. Anyway, I will get all of these drabbles done (and that includes you, rubynye!). At this point it's an honor thing ( = me keeping my word), though of course donations are still appreciated.

I'm going to aim for drabbles finished in the next week - I know you don't think I can do it, and I don't think I can either. But 1) I've taken way too damn long already, and 2) you'd be amazed at how a deadline can inspire. Thanks all for your patience, and I sincerely apologize for the further delay.

EDIT July 5, 12:51 PM: Wow, I'm really excited that this idea is catching on! Check out the instant gratification tag (also, this one) for offers that span more fandoms or perhaps simply offer higher quality results. Also, sorry for the delay - I'm home for the holiday weekend, and that's always a hectic time. I'll try to get the rest of these out ASAP.

Offer: A drabble of no fewer than 100 words but likely longer, to be written as soon as you request. If you're satisfied with the result, please donate $1 to the charity of your choice. If not, well, no harm done.

You may request characters, pairings, settings, feelings, or key words and phrases. You may give me as much as whole dialogues or as little as the name of your favorite character. I am hard to squick, but I do not write graphic sex, and typing the p-word still makes me blush.

Fandoms: My preferred fandoms are One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, Ouran High School Host Club, Yakitate!! Japan, Angel, Firefly, and most of Discworld.

I am also familiar with pre-Allancar Bleach, Fruits Basket anime, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Good Omens, The Zeta Project, Pirates of the Caribbean, Death Note, Honey and Clover, Animorphs, Harry Potter (first six books - yes, I know, I know, I just haven't gotten around to book 7), Yu-Gi-Oh, Teen Titans, Samurai Champloo, Howl's Moving Castle, Heroes, Rent, and Iron Man (movie).

In my other auction, I offered to read/watch any requested fandom that I wasn't already familiar with. I won't offer that for a drabbles request, but I will answer every request I receive. If I don't know a series, I'll wikipedia it, or just BS my way through. (I'm a college student, so I have quite a bit of experience with that.)

Remember - if you don't like the way it turns out, please don't pay for it!

Sample work: I also will not offer sample work here. I'm sure you could find some, but technically, the drabble that you get will be your sample, because you don't make a decision to buy until after you've seen it.

Contact: caesural@gmail.com for questions or concerns, comments for prompts and requests.

Delivery: Barring all calamity, I will guarantee a drabble written within 24 hours of your request. Most likely, it will only take an hour or two if I'm not sleeping or working. UM SCRATCH THAT. I am a horrible human being.

Buy It Now: $1.

Note: You may order as many as you like, but only one at a time. I guarantee you the first one, but I reserve the future right to put an upper limit to number of requests I will take from each user.

Offered: Fanfic

Offer: I will write fanfic of no less than 1000 words in the following fandoms: Firefly, Fullmetal Alchemist, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Torchwood. I prefer not to write het, but I'm comfortable with any other type of pairing, kink, or rating. I might write in other fandoms I'm familiar with, depending on the request. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. Examples of my writing can be found at my journal.

Contact: shadowenangel@gmail.com

Delivery: I will have your story written no later than 1 November.

Minimum Bid: $10
piper kido

Offered: fanart

Offer: I'm offering Fanart. Simple as that  ;) You can choose which characters are on it and which position or with a prompt. BUT I would appreciate if I don't have to draw portraits of existing people ^^° I want you to be happy with the Fanart ;) (if I don't know the characters I'll need some references)

Contact: Anna-Maxeiner@gmx.de

Delivery: As soon as I know the characters I'll start drawing. Of course I'll send you steps of the pic if you want.

Minimum Bid: 20 $

Buy it now: 50 $

If you want to see some stuff I made before look at my journal and/or deviantart (also at my journal). And/or contact me and I'll send you some pics
piper kido

Offered: fancomic

Offer: You give me a story and I draw you a fancomic :) Doujinshi and/or US- comicstyle. Maximum of pages: 10 (inkl. cover)
Fandom doesn't matter, not really, but movie/comic/anime/manga would be great.
If it is about your own characters I need references.

Contact: Anna-Maxeiner@gmx.de

Delivery: I'll start drawing as soon as I know the characters AND the story. Steps will be sent via e-mail. As soon as it's finished I'll print and send it to you.

Minimum Bid: 50$

Buy it now: 200 $

If you want to see some stuff I made before look at my journal and/or deviantart (also at my journal). And/or contact me and I'll send you some pics.

Offer: Journal/Fanfiction/Extras; Copy-Editing Services

Offer: I will fill up a journal with any kind of writing you choose. It will be decorated inside and out, plus filled with little goodies and such from my hometown (Rockford, IL - home of the sock monkey, haha) and Chicago and the surrounding areas. Really, what fills the journal (and the box it's in - which I will also decorate) will be determined by what you choose to tell me. I will be writing based on your personal preferences - I can do poetry, letter-form, a news story (editorials are my specialty), an original fiction, a fanfiction, anything you'd like. Yaoi, femmeslash, science fiction - I'm really not averse to anything, except for really odd things like scatophilia. We can discuss what is appropriate!

I am most familiar with the following fandoms: Harry Potter, The Office, InuYasha, Hana Kimi, Rurouni Kenshin, Hot Gimmick, Translucent, Law and Order, Love Hina, Twilight, Ranma 1/2, Fushigi Yuugi, Venus in Love. But email me and let me know if you have a special request!

I'll be basing everything in the journal off things you tell me about your own life, what you'd prefer, what subjects you'd like me to write about, etc. Most snippets will be between 100 - 1,000 words.

You can read some fanfiction from Harry Potter and The Office at my journal, or go to www.fictionpress.com/~aomori for original works.

Contact: glory_fades27@comcast.net

Delivery: I will have your journal completed by November 1, 2008 at the very latest.

Minimum bid: $15

Buy It Now: $30


Offer: I will be a beta, or edit any copy that needs to be edited. Length of writing does not matter. I am Editor-in-Chief in charge of Copy at my school's newspaper. Whatever you need edited, or proofed for spelling/grammar/content, I can do it. Services will last until October 31, 2008.

Contact: glory_fades27@comcast.net

Delivery: Just email me your writing, I'll proof it and ship it back to you within two days of receiving it.

Minimum bid: $10

Buy It Now: $15

Both items offered have already been bought through Buy It Now. Sorry, everyone. :)
tin woodman with rose

offered: fanfic.

Offer: I will write a fanfic of no less than 1500 words in the Doctor Who fandom, Old School or New. I am happy to write ship-fic or gen, and could possibly be convinced to write smut. I have a passing familiarity with the Big Finish audios, and would be willing to listen further for the sake of fic.

Contact: My e-mail is in my userinfo. My AIM is JinxesBug.

Delivery: I will have your story written by October 1st.

Minimum bid: $5.

Offered: Names for Fiction or Roleplaying Scenarios

Offer: Having trouble coming up with names for your fic or scenario? I love working with names, and I will research and/or create up to 100 names (for people, places, or things) according to your specifications.

Examples of the sort of specs I can follow:

  • 50 male and 50 female names for a hard-boiled noire-ish detective scenario set in the 1930s in the U.S.
  • 40 female, 40 male, and 20 place names for an original fantasy scenario with a medieval continental European (French/Spanish/Italian) feel
  • 45 male, 45 female, and 10 place names for a Saiyuki fanfic epic
  • 50 female, 40 male, and 10 place names for a Harry Potter fanfic series
  • 100 generic nature-based names for an Earthsea-type fantasy scenario (to use examples from the book: things like Yarrow, Vetch, Jasper)

If desired, I can also provide you with information about my sources (for names researched) and methods (for names generated/created).

Sampling of fandoms/authors I'd feel comfortable handling (others are possible - just ask): Arthurian legend, Barry Hughart, Bleach, C.J. Cherryh, Cordwainer Smith, Diana Wynne Jones, Fruits Basket, JRR Tolkien, M.A. Foster (Ler series), Martha Wells (Ile Rien), P.C. Hodgell (Kencyrath), Patricia McKillip, Saiyuki (manga), Samurai Deeper Kyo, Sandman, Swordspoint, Tanith Lee (Flat Earth), Terry Pratchett (Discworld), Ursula K. Le Guin (Earthsea, Ekumen SF), Xxxholic, Zenna Henderson (the People)

Note: I am a name hobbyist, not a scholar, so if you’re trying to write an impeccably researched historical novel (for example), you might not want to use this service!

Contact: Initially via LJ personal message; after that, continue by e-mail if desired.

Delivery: By September 6, 2008

Minimum bid: $10

Buy it now: $40

Offered Embroidery.

I will embroider for you a picture of your choice on a square of fabric about 12 x 12 inches. You tell me if you have favourite colours, would like black and white, to go crazy etc. Anything you like, Celtic knotwork, fantasy, mermaids, dragons, whatever. Dancers, Bellydancers, flowers, kittens, just some random image, you name it and its yours.

Contact: xirtam50@yahoo.ca

Delivery: You'll have it by Nov 1st.

Minimum bid: $15.00

Buy it now: $50.00
Chi Bears in snow

Offer: Chicago Care Package

Offer: As a native of the Chicagoland area, I offer up one care package filled with stuff from Chicago. Said package might include chocolate, silly touristy things like a Chicago mug, post card, popcorn, who knows. I am open to discussion as to what your likes and dislikes are.

Contact: deepforestowl at gmail dot com

Delivery: By the end of August sometime.

Minimum Bid: $15
Madame de Jurjewicz

Offered: Original Swordspoint Comic Script for you to Illustrate!

I am the author of the Riverside books: Swordspoint, The Privilege of the Sword, and co-author (with Delia Sherman, to whom I am legally married in Massachusetts - and, if all goes well, in California) of The Fall of the Kings. This auction has inspired me to create a short script titled "A Riverside Marriage." It is set shortly before TFOTK, so characters include a young Theron Campion, Sofia, his mother, the Duchess Katherine (looking aggrieved) and various handsome young men. Richard St Vier & Alec Campion feature in the plot. It will be 8-10 pages long (I'm nearly done, but not quite).

OFFER: You get the script. You, and you alone. And I give you permission to draw all the pages. If you have questions about the script or the characters, I will answer them.

When you are done, I will post the completed work on my website for all to enjoy.

[NOTE that this offer covers Fan Use Rights only. If at some later date a professional artist wants to draw a (probably revised) version of the script for publication, I retain commercial rights.]

If you want to divvy up the pages with other fan artists, each doing a different page, go ahead.

(Also see Colleen Doran's offer of an original illustration, which is a separate entry.)

CONTACT: Since I'll be away on a writing retreat with limited access to internet through July 14, rm has kindly offered to manage this for me. Write her at: racheline @ gmail dot com or rm.

DELIVERY: On or before July 18th.


Tags: seller: ellen_kushner, offered: misc, book: swordspoint
fangirl, hug, hugs, love

Offered: A year of Snarry Fan Art

Yes that's right!

Every month for a year,I will mail you a minimum of one Snarry drawing, and possibly more.
Depending on my time, I may also add some commentary, bric a brac and other tidbits, but for sure a Snarry art, something like this: Inked Snarry art

Different media will be used, and the art may be slightly more or less detailed, but they will be more than drawbles. These are drawings that I do for my own amusement, but I thought that someone out there would probably enjoy having them. These drawings are not by your request. If you would like me to draw you something specific (and spend more than an hour drawing it,) please see my other auction here:http://community.livejournal.com/livelongnmarry/44784.html

Delivery will start within one week after bidding closes.
Minimum bid: $40

Offered: Music Mix

Offer: Following sanstexte's example (and I had thought about it before that too ^_~), I'm offering a music mix.
Includes: - Front and back album art. - No less than 8 songs.

You can choose some songs, if you'd like, or I can mix it up for you. I have very eclectic tastes ranging just about everywhere except for 99% of hip-hop, "hard" country (I love Mary Chapin Carpenter), screaming music, and rap. I have a lot of indie-type stuff. =) Anyway...

Topics: Fandom based - general fandom, specific fandom, character, pairing, group, fanfic (although we might have to talk about this)... Also "general" types of themes - roadmix, girl power, protest music, about angels, inspirational songs for certain types of fic writing (or art-making!) I'm familiar with fandoms listed here and on my profile. (And possibly more =p You can ask.)

Examples of my previous completed mixes.

Contact: Message me via LJ, comment here, whatever. Have questions? Ask away!

Delivery:  Within one month of our sorting out the details regarding subject.

Min. Bid: $5
Currently $7

Buy it Now: $25

Offered: Fanfic

Offer: I will write fanfic of no less than 1500 words in any of the following fandoms: Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series, Daredevil, Dark Angel, Friday Night Lights, or X-Men Movieverse.

I'll happily write about the following characters in each fandom:
Star Wars: Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa. I'll write any pairing of these characters and will also write Anakin/Padmé or genfic.
Buffy/Angel: Fred, Illyria, Wesley, Buffy, Angel, Spike, Faith. I'd prefer gen but will write Buffy/Spike, Buffy/Angel, Wesley/Fred, and Wesley/Illyria.
Daredevil: Matt Murdock/Daredevil, Foggy Nelson, Milla. Matt/Foggy, Matt/Milla, or gen.
Dark Angel: Max and Logan, pairing or gen.
FNL: Any characters, any pairing, or gen.
XMM: Any characters, any pairing, or gen.

I'll write het, gen, or slash. I specialize in bittersweet stories over fluff, hopeful rather than happy endings, but I'll write almost anything: humor, hurt/comfort, AU, angst, you name it! Any rating from G to NC-17. No kink please, though--that's outside of my writing comfort zone.

If you want a sequel to a story I've already written, please email me before bidding to make sure it's something I can do.

You can find my fanfiction on my livejournal. I reserve the right to post your story to my journal, fic archives, and to communities after I've sent it to you.

Contact: tartanshell@livejournal.com

Delivery: I will have your story written by November 1st.

Minimum bid: $10

Buy It Now: $100
Madame de Jurjewicz

Offered: Colleen Doran illustration for "Riverside Marriage"

OFFER: Colleen Doran wishes she had time to draw the entire comic for "A Riverside Marriage" - but since she doesn't, she has offered to do one original illustration of a hot scene from it (her choice). Go here to see examples of her previous illustrations of my (and Delia Sherman's) Riverside stories and other works.

CONTACT: rm has kindly offered to manage this for us. Write her at: racheline @ gmail dot com or rm.

DELIVERY: By Sept. 1.


Tags: offered: art, book: swordspoint, seller: ellen_kushner