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SOLD/SHIPPED: SIGNED 1st ed. of Orson Scott Card's "Maps In A Mirror", with EXCITING BONUSES!

Shamelessly appropriated from inspired by sabinelagrande's awesome offer of an autographed copy of The Anita Bryant Story, and egged on by chomiji, whose giggly reaction when I floated the idea over lunch yesterday convinced me to do it, I present to you another exercise in collectible irony!

Offered: One Easton Press leather-bound first edition of Orson Scott Card's short fiction collection Maps In A Mirror, signed by the author. As you can see in the pictures below, simply considered as a physical object this is a stunning book, finished with elaborate gilt stamping and page edging, heavy gold moiré endpages, and a gold satin ribbon bookmark stitched into the binding. The paper is heavy and creamy, the printing is sharp, and there are a couple of lovely full-color, full-page plates by illustrator Jill Bauman. The only flaw I can find in this copy is a very small area, about the size of a thumbprint, where the gilt stamping on the front cover has faded to silver -- otherwise, this book is practically pristine.

This was published in 1990 as part of Easton Press's Signed First Editions of Science Fiction series -- current titles retail new for $79.95, and a non-affiliated Easton collector's guide webpage suggests that only 2000 copies were printed. This book contains almost all of Card's short fiction from 1977 - 1989, including non-F&SF works originally published in LDS magazines and small literary journals, and novellas and short stories that were later superseded by novel-length works, which supposedly will not be republished outside of the various editions of this anthology. A quick browse through eBay, ABE Books, and other used/antiquarian vendors show that this book is currently being offered in the $135 - $210 range, so my starting price for bids is a total steal!

Click on the thumbnails below to see full-size photos taken in the highest resolution my camera is capable of. If you want a better view of the one spot with flaws in the gilt stamping, just ask and I'll upload an edited image with the faded areas circled.

BONUS #1! I will include, at no extra charge, a GLBT-themed postcard (your choice of general theme and position on the artsy-or-sweet-to-blatantly-erotic spectrum) purchased at Lambda Rising in Washington, D.C., and inscribed to you in commemoration of the auction. If you don't care about preserving the collectible value of the book, you can paste it in as a bookplate and revel in the cognitive dissonance! Or just tack it up on your fridge. :) You can see a couple of sample cards of the sort you might receive here. Or if you prefer, instead of a postcard I can get your choice of sticker in a large GLBT/bear/leather/poly/etc. design, similarly inscribed to you in permanent marker, bright and shiny and ready for you to stick on in the location of your choice to ruin your investment personalize and enhance your new book!

BONUS #2! If bidding reaches or exceeds the Buy-It-Now price, I will include at no extra charge one of my hand-beaded metal bookmarks, in shiny gold metal with the biggest, sparkliest, zazziest beads I can find in rainbow pride colors!

EXTRA-SPECIAL "YOU SO CRAZY, I KISS YOU ALL!!!1!!ELEVENTY-ONE!!!" BONUS #3! I don't imagine this will happen, but you never know...if somehow, against all odds and common sense, you people are wonderful and insane enough that bidding reaches or tops $585, I will once again totally steal a page from sabinelagrande and write Mr. Card a polite note with a fountain pen in my nicest casual-speed-writing hand (I'm a calligrapher as well as a beader) on my prettiest stationery, thanking him for his inadvertent support of equal marriage rights. I will scan the letter and email you copies, and also provide you with copies of any bemused, angered, or horrified responses my correspondence might happen to generate.

Contact: LiveJournal messaging via profile page

Minimum Bid: $50 USD

Buy It Now: $250 USD

Delivery: Will be giftwrapped, packed up with excruciating care, and sent to you Priority Mail with insurance and various other special delivery-security services like whoa within one week of receiving your donation confirmation, shipping info, and choice of postcard/sticker theme (pretty boys kissing? dykes on bikes? fierce drag queens? a sweet same-sex wedding image? rainbow flags? vintage gay pulp novel covers? etc., etc. etc.) -- it will probably go in the mail sooner than that, but I'm allowing a little bit of wiggle room in case issues of weather, health, or scheduling delay me from getting out to Dupont Circle to get your perfect postcard and/or pick up extra beads for the bookmark, if the auction goes high enough to reach Bonus #2. (If y'all are wonderful and crazy enough to somehow reach Bonus #3 levels, I do reserve the right to take a little while longer to compose and write out my thank-you missive; but that won't affect the timeframe for shipping your book.)

C'mon, fandom -- DO IT FOR THE LULZ!

Any Saiyuki fans out there snickering at my pricing -- yes, it's EXACTLY what you think it is. ;)
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