Jonquil Serpyllum (jonquil) wrote in livelongnmarry,
Jonquil Serpyllum

Offered: homemade jam

Offer: I live in Northern California, the home of all things fruity; every year I make jams and marmalades from whatever's ripest. Find out why you wish you lived in Northern California! I am offering the two highest bidders:
  • 1 jar of Lady Fettiplace's raspberry jam, made from a Jacobean recipe
  • 1 jar of three-lime marmalade; the three limes are Key lime, ordinary lime, and Kaffir lime
  • 1 jar of blood orange marmalade
  • 1 jar of mixed citrus marmalade (orange, lemon, grapefruit)

All are half-pint jars. Most are from last year's canning, as I haven't really gotten into high gear yet this summer; the stone fruits are just starting. Marmalades are made in the winter in any case. If you prefer, you can wait a month and get whatever I make this summer, but the point of jam is that it keeps.

The raspberry, citrus, and blood orange marmalades are made from organic fruits; I grew the Kaffir lime but the other two limes were almost certainly not organic.

Contact: See userinfo.

Delivery: If you choose the fruits offered, mailed within two weeks; otherwise, to be mailed at summer's end. Warning: I don't promise what I'll get around to making this summer.

Minimum bid: $10 Update: I will send a package of jams, including the lime, to each of the two highest bidders.

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