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Offered: Harry Potter Fanfic (Completion date of 14 February 2009 for GSM, with rel. offers): Sold!

Because several people have emailed me to express their sadness/irritation over my not offering fic based on anything I've written or am writing, particularly with regard to my most popular work-in-progress, I've decided to offer for auction a completion date for Getting Severus Married (GSM is publicly posted here).

Offer: I will complete GSM by 14 February 2009. On that date, I'll update GSM's header in my journals and post GSM in my journals and at my archives, with a dedication to the winning bidder and mention of livelongnmarry in my author's notes.

Upon completion of GSM, I will write the winning bidder an expanded scene from GSM, or a short fic based on some part of GSM that he or she would have liked to have seen explored. The expanded scene or short fic will be at least 1000 words, and I will post it in my journals and at my archives with a dedication to the winning bidder and mention of livelongnmarry in my author's notes.

If the winning bid is $150 or more, I will post the chapters as I write them to my journals.

Note: What I will not do is alter GSM to suit the winning bidder's tastes; my offer is only for a completion date of 14 February 2009 and the related offers.

Contact: Send me a private message from my profile page.

Delivery: After the winning bidder emails me a screencap of his or her donation receipt (with all personal details obscured, of course), I will see to it that GSM is completed by 14 February 2009. The expanded scene from or short fic based on GSM will be written by 15 March 2009.

Minimum bid: $50

I'm also offering up for auction a fic you design and my August and October Daily Deviant fics.
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