Sarah (fiddledragon) wrote in livelongnmarry,

Offered: custom spun yarn

The basics: I have a spinning wheel. I am prepared to use this spinning wheel in support of such a wonderful cause, to turn up to $35 worth of the fiber of your choice into yarn of the structure of your choice.

The details: You tell me what fiber you want, up to $35 dollars in value ( will give you a good idea of what that will give you, but you can use any vendor you like). I will purchase said fiber -- or you will send it to me, if applicable -- and then I will spin it for you into a yarn that meets your needs, within the limits that particular fiber (i.e., cashmere just doesn't do bulky one-ply). I don't have much experience with really fancy novelty stuff, but otherwise I'm fine with different weights, plies, cabled yarns, etc. I'm best with moderately fine, fluffy-sock type yarns.

I can do cotton, silk top, and any mammal fiber, though I'd prefer wool blends of ultra-fine things like cashmere or yak, otherwise it's going to take forever. I have never tried to spin flax, though I'd be delighted to learn if you're willing to risk somewhat inconsistent results. If you are lucky enough to have a fiber animal, or can otherwise acquire fuzz straight from the critter, I can clean and card raw fleece. I'm happy to do interesting color or fiber blending with carding, though I don't have the facilities to dye stuff myself except the microwave-KoolAid trick.

We can work out the details of the yarn through email and then I'll spin a sample to send to you so that we're on the same page. I will give you a deadline once I know how "fast" of a yarn this will be, but I think I can safely say that you'll have it in hand by the end of this calendar year.

Contact: sarahh AT sccs DOT swarthmore DOT edu (Sarah)

Minimum bid: $5
Tags: offered: misc

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