O'Mike aka onyxhawke (onyxhawke) wrote in livelongnmarry,
O'Mike aka onyxhawke

Offered: Critique

Original SF/F* fiction only novel or novellas. Tiered reward.

I will offer a critique and with in text and summary suggestions, and up to two follow up emails.
The winning bidder is guaranteed a fifty page critique.
If the winning bid is over $300 they will get 150 pages.
If the winning bid is over $500 they will get 250 pages critiqued.

All page counts are with 1 inch margins on one side, in 12 pt Times New Roman or Arial as determined by my computer

I'm a literary agent and the winner will have a sixty day turn around from the day I receive it.

Minimum bid $25

buy it now: #150

Edited to add the SF/F restriction.
Tags: offered: critique, seller: onyxhawke
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