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You can now use your iPhone to get marriage equality back on the ballot in California! Please share this with as many people as possible. We need this to go viral! Let's repeal Prop 8 NOW!

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I know -- I hate it when people do the rah-rah "Vote for MEEEEE!" routine, because the best writers I know are the ones who are always excessively modest about self-promotion. But this isn't about me, or even all of us who contributed -- it's about supporting the fight for equal rights under the law.

Please vote... and please pass this along!

Thank you!

I Do Two still seeking submissions (especially LBT) for Fundraiser anthology!

Well, we have only a month to go to the deadline for submissions on I Do Two. We have received some stunning m/m stories already – and wouldn’t object to receiving more. (The more quality submissions we get, the higher the quality of the anthology at the end). However, we are a little concerned that we’ve not had the breadth of f/f, bi or transgender stories to choose from, yet. So if there’s anyone out there who can help us with that, please send us your stories! There’s still a month to go, and here are the submission guidelines:

The anthology, titled “I DO, TWO”, is a sequel to the January 2009 charity anthology “I DO!” All authors donate their stories to benefit the Lambda Legal Fund, for the purpose of supporting marriage equality. The collection covers a range of times, places and people, and illustrates the universality of love and commitment

To date, I DO has raised over $1500 for the cause of equal rights in marriage.

I DO TWO will be a similar, companion volume, published by MLR Press. (Contracts will be in line with their standard contract.)

We’re looking for stories between 1,000 words and 10,000 words long. M/M, F/F, Bi and transgender stories are welcome. There is no strict theme, but we have certain things we do *not* want to see, for example stories which undermine the purpose of the anthology – that is, no stories which are about how gay people do not want to get married or do not deserve to get married. We do not want anything that reinforces negative stereotypes – no snuff fiction, scat, golden showers, necrophilia or underage sex.

Because of the potential copyright issues, we cannot accept fanfiction, either.

If you possess the copyright for your story and it isn’t currently under exclusive contract to anyone else, we are happy to consider stories which have been published before. Please make a note in the covering e-mail.

As long as your story follows these guidelines and comes within the word-count, please send it to lee(dot)rowan(at)yahoo.com

Your story does not need to have an explicit marriage-related plot or even a happy ending! Any story that celebrates the theme of love as valid, no matter the genders of the players, is welcome.

This is for a charity anthology, so you will not get paid. All profits will go straight to the Lamdba Legal fund. Through education, litigation and public policy work, Lambda Legal works to achieve full recognition of the civil rights of gay, lesbian and transgender people, and persons with HIV. Since their founding in 1973, Lambda Legal has become an active and vital part of the GLBT civil rights movement instrumental in the fight for same-sex marriage rights both nationally and, most notably, in the fight to strike down California’s Proposition 8.

Deadline for submissions is 1st December 2009.
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Attention: Queer Jewish Students

The National Union of Jewish LGBTQQI Students's 14th annual conference will take place January 15th to the 17th at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. As usual the conference will be held over a weekend, and co-hosted by a campus Hillel, the NUJLS leadership conference features workshops, services, community building, and social time. This year's keynotes are Rabbi Bradley Artsen, Dean of the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies and comedian Dana Goldberg!

We welcome students from all sorts of backgrounds (religious, not, newly out, not, liberal to conservative, and more). Workshops, speakers, and text studies address such topics as Judaism and homosexuality, activism, relationships, ethics, coming out, and politics. Last year more than one hundred students came from across the United States and Canada to participate, and we anticipate a similar turnout this year! Registration ($80) includes meals (all kosher), housing, and all conference events. Travel and registrations subsidies are available upon request (in the registration form). Register at http://www.nujlsonline.org/conferenceinfo.html

Hope to see you there!

!! Important Mod Note !!

To begin with a happy note: Maine has just legalized gay marriage! It's the fifth US state to do so.

On a less happy note, the mods of this community have received several emails from participants who won auctions and made their donation, but never recieved the item or service they bid on.

In a few cases, it's unclear why this happened, and the mods have tried to contact the person who offered the item. (You can still email us if you'd like us to do this.) But in others, the person offering the item or service offered in good faith, but for reasons beyond their control, was unable to deliver it.

We would like to try to remedy this situation.

1. If for any reason you are one of the people who did not receive the item or service you won, WITHOUT NAMING THE NAME OF THE PERSON WHO INITIALLY OFFERED IT, please comment to this post with a description of the item you made a donation for.

ETA: Please give enough details in your comment that readers will be able to know whether or not they can fulfill the request! Bad example: "I won fanfic." Good example: "I won a Dragonlance twincest story, but I'd be happy with anything, including gen, so long as it includes Raistlin."

2. If you can provide the item they're looking for, please comment to that comment to say so. This is so that multiple people don't fulfill the same request. After that, you can take it to email.

There is no need to make an additional donation. In these cases, the donation was already made.

Please help out if you can!