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Submissions Call for Charity anthology

Submissions Call


For a charity anthology to benefit the Lambda Legal Fund


The Lambda Legal fund is currently fighting Prop 8 in an effort to get it overturned by the California Supreme Court.  If you believe in marriage equality and the right of LGBT people to marry the person they love, you can help by submitting a story to the charity anthology; 'I do' now being put together to raise funds in support of the fund.


The anthology is being published by MLR Press


We're looking for stories between 1,000 words and 10,000 words long.  M/M, F/F and transgender stories are welcome.  There is no strict theme, but our readership are primarily interested in romance.  We also have certain things we do *not* want to see:


No stories which undermine the purpose of the anthology, please – ie, no stories which are about how gay people do not want to get married or do not deserve to get married.  We do not want anything that reinforces negative stereotypes of LGBT people.  We don't want snuff fiction, scat, golden showers, necrophilia or under-age sex. 

No fanfiction please.


As long as your story doesn't contain any of those things and comes within the word-count, please do send it to


As long as you possess the copyright for your story and it is not currently under contract to anyone else, we are happy to consider stories which have been published before.


Extra consideration will be given to romantic stories with happy ever afters, or stories which have particular relevance to the issue of marriage equality.


This is for a charity anthology, so you will not get paid.  All profits will go straight to the Lamdba Legal fund.


Deadline for submissions 18th December 2008


Thank you!

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