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Offered: donations for fic-links

Since things seem somewhat informal this time around (and since I'm still working on the fics for my winning bidders), I thought I might offer donations in exchange for services, instead of the other way around.

Offer #1: For every piece of fanfiction (on lj) for any fandom on this list, I'll donate $5 or $2 to a charity of your choice, assuming it's a charity that takes Paypal - $5 if there are no other known fanworks already in the com's memories, $2 if there are. (You can also directly look at the Memories-section here - as each suggested fandom should have its own post of basic stats, there'll be at least one Memory for each fandom on the list.)

There are four further requirements to the fic-link, those being:

1) the fic cannot be located in a fandom-specific community (multi-fandom ones are perfectly fine though)
2) the fic cannot be located on fanfiction.net (unless the fandom doesn't have a category of its own)
3) the fic cannot be located in the Yuletide-archive
4) the fandom cannot be a 'newsletter only' one

To err on the side of caution: I'll probably tap out at $250, should you have that many links.

Offer #2: For every offer to write a ficlet (100-500 words) in any of these five fandoms, I'll offer a donation of $7 - the fandoms in question being: Being Human (TV), Solarbabies (movie), Reaper (TV), Heartbeat (TV) and Hana Yori Dango (TV-version). These are the five fandoms that will be 'tricked' in fandom_of_one during the week of Halloween, and I'd sort of like to offer the 'trickers' a treat as well, but unfortunately, I don't know any of these fandoms.
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